Thank You

The moment Pete and the Team crossed under the burled Arch in Nome to become the first Bethel Musher ever to win the Iditarod Trail Race, it was a given that Pete would want to say thanks to the folks at home.

Pete arrived into Nome in the early hours of the morning and the phone began ringing calling to say congratulations. In addition to calls from news organizations, sponsors, and others, everyone has been wanting to give Pete their best.

The Kuskokwim 300 and many others began organizing a welcome party almost as soon as Pete was inbound on Front Street. I called the Iditarod HQ and talked to CEO Chas St. George asking if we could borrow the trophy. It is an 80 lb cast bronze statue of Joe Redington and his Lead Dog “Feets.” Generally it is commissioned right after the race and delivered to the winner soon after. Our timeline was a bit quicker, so I contacted our great sponsor Northern Air Cargo and they were ecstatic to help out. Chas wrote me back and asked if we could save a couple of seats for “Joe” and himself. I thought we were going to have to ship him back, but upon arrival Chas had a decal and he said that it was to stay in Bethel. Ron affixed the decal and the party was underway.

The evening was catered by Tiffany Tony with help from Donlin Gold, the Kuskokwim 300, Alaska Commercial Company, and ODOM Corp.

The festivities began with Chris Cooke singing from his collection of dog mushing favorites, The Iditarod and Kuskokwim 300 songs. Senator Lyman Hoffman presented Pete with a legislative award that is presented to the top 10 mushers in the Iditarod.

Then it was time. Time to relive the moment that Pete arrived into Nome and crossed into history as the first musher from Bethel and of Yup’ik descent to win the Iditarod.

Iditarod CEO Chas St. George said that this was the dream of Joe Redington. To bring back mushing to rural Alaska and that Pete’s victory would have made him so proud.

Pete then came to the stage to a standing ovation where he reiterated that his victory and his mushing career would not be possible without support from all of you. It is what drives him to excel. It is what makes this a victory for all of his fans, family, sponsors, friends, and fellow residents.

After the festivities completed it was time for folks get their autograph from the Champ and enjoy the moment.

Thank you to everyone for the support you give to Kaiser Racing. All of the comments, calls, and pats on the back through thick and thin have made this victory possible.

Go Team Kaiser

Here are the photos from the event.


2018 Iditarod – 5th Place – Peter Kaiser

What a race! What a totally tough, but really great race!

Pete and the 8 dogs in the Team crossed the Burled Arches to Sunny Skies and just a beautiful day!

Led in by Maro and Freida across the line, Pete had a little disappointment in his voice as I spoke to him in the yard later. “I had to put Lucy in the bag just a few miles out of Safety, but that little girl led us all the way from Willow. What an amazing performance.” Everything he said was about how proud he was of the Team. They just did an amazing job over the 998 miles from Willow.

Bethany, Ari, and little Aylee anxiously waited for their post race kiss and hug and end to this tough, tough race.

Apologies for the tardiness, Pete is sleeping and with the new security at the Iditarod Finish, Ron and I were tasked with watching the dogs for the afternoon.

Here are the photos of the Finish! Go Team Kaiser!



On the Trail to the Finish

Pete and the Team are on the final stretch. This has been a long, tough race and there is one man who is really ready for the burled arches and his family waiting– Peter Kaiser!

The Team was through the last checkpoint, Safety, at 9:55am with the 8 dogs remaining.

The weather in Nome is absolutely beautiful! Sunny and mild, with very light temperatures, this morning is about as nice as it can get for the Pit Crew and spectators.

We are expecting a finish between 1:00 and 1:30pm this afternoon.

The traditional way the morning starts (Even if morning means 1:00am or later!!) with a cup of coffee with Bob and Sherie and then we drive out about 6 miles and wait for Pete and the Team so we can cheer him on to the finish. The we rush back to the Finish and meet him.

It’s always a bit intense as we don’t really know how accurate the tracker is and we don’t want to be late!!

We’ll be back in a flash.

For a live view, go to Facebook and check out Kale Casey Live!


Pete into White Mountain – Team Arrives in Nome

As Pete moved down the trail, the Team Kaiser Pit Crew were boarding a flight to Anchorage and then to Nome. After a bit of a nervous morning when fog delayed our flight we took off to Anchorage hoping nothing happened during the flight. A few years ago we boarded the flight with Jeff King having the win in his sights only to deplane and find that a freak storm had caused him to scratch. Deplaning today in Anchorage, Ron, Bethany, and myself were deeply interested in Pete’s progress.

Pete, tired, and beat up from miles and miles of miles, made steady progress and arrived into White Mountain and a deserved 8 hour mandatory break at 6:35pm with his Team of 8 dogs.

He can leave at 2:35am for the 77 mile run into Nome.

Meanwhile as Pete takes a rest, Team Kaiser Pit crew is enjoying a great dinner of chili and bread at the best host family in Nome, Bob and Sherrie Madden’s home.

Mushing Weather Forecast:

Snow likely, mainly before 10pm. Areas of freezing fog before 10pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 4. North wind around 5 mph becoming west after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 60%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.
A 20 percent chance of snow before 10am. Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 11. West wind around 5 mph.