Mushing is a great sport, but it is not successful without the hard work of fans and businesses that spend their hard earned money to support Team Kaiser.
Visit our sponsors to tell them you appreciate their contributions!


Bethel Office
BNC Building
460 Ridgecrest Drive, Suite 210-A
Bethel, AK 99559
Aniak Office
Anyaraqmuite Office Center
Suite 204
Aniak, AK 99557



PO Box 2969
Bethel, AK 99559-2969
(907) 543-2632

“Fueling You, Since ’92”


Box 3348

Yukon Helicopters

(907) 543-3280



-Box 22, Bethel, AK  99559-
Spray Foam Insulation, Building Moving and Leveling, Snow Removal
Rick and Kathy Hanson



Dr. Carsons All Natural Products

Major SponsorsBack for the 2013 Mushing Season—  Fourth year in a row of valued, continued support. Thank you!

Ryan Air, Boyuck and Lee Ryan:  Kaiser Racing jackets for the crew, Dog transport for Paul Johnson Memorial Race and dog transport home from Nome, donation and race support

Bering Marine/Knik Construction: Donation and support

Drew’s Foundation, Paul O’Brien: Dog Food to power the team

Bering Sea Animal Clinic, Dr. Bob Sept: Vet care for a healthy team year ‘round

SouthWest Fuel, Mike and Joy Shantz, Donation and support

Alaska TechnologiesJohn Wallace, Website donation and support

Yukon Helicopters/Yukon Aviation, Tom Ratledge and Cindy Andrecheck: Donation and support

Donlin GoldDonation and support

Dr. Carson’s All Natural Pet Products, Bee Pollen food supplements for man and dog

T and H House Leveling, Bethel,Rick and Kathy Hanson, donation and support

Gonders and May Hoffman,  Bethel, Donation and support


Host Families-

Doug Dorland – Palmer

Bob and Sherrie Madden – Nome

Aaron Burmeister  – Nenana


Cash ,Spirit and Other Contributions help a ton—Thank you!

Myron Angstman, Bethel (Leader in support of dog mushing and racing)

Andy Angstman (Writes Iditarod race insight on website, pit crew)

Anelon Family, Newhalen (Kaiser Racing merchandise order)

Bering Marine Corporation (My employer, a Lynden company, support)

Dan and Sharon Boyette, Anchorage (4 years: host Friday night food and lodging  before Ceremonial Start)

Meghan and Kylie Clark, AK Pyrotechnics, Anchorage (Donation)

Kerry Cobbledick, Bethel (2013 online donation)

Lucy Crow, Bethel (Donation, fur sewing, support)

Anna David, Bethel (Vacuum sealed race trail food)

Richie Diehl, Aniak (Mushing buddy)

Doug Dorland, Palmer (4 years: home away from home for week before Iditarod; trailer storage)

Daniel Dvorchak, Bethel, (Donation)

Bill Eisenbart, Bethel (Support)

Dada Fredericks, Bethel (Use of band saw 3 years running)

Bill and Joan Hately, Anchorage (Support base in the city)

Mike and Jill Hoffman, Bethel (Donation)

Dave and Esther Diehl (Aniak home away from home during 2012 snow drought support)

Grace Haas, Bethel, (Donation)

Ed Iten, Kotzebue (Mentor, lease of good dogs)

Robert and Peggy Parsons, Fritz Creek, AK (Donation)

Tillie Kaiser, Anchorage (Dropped dog support)

Jeremiah and Jesse Klekja, Bethel (Dog yard support)

Knik Construction (Support, a Lynden company)

Bob and Sherrie Madden, Nome (4 years: home for us on Front Street in Nome at end of Iditarod)

Chase Madden, Nome (Housing  for more of us: Pete and Richie for finish of the Paul Johnson Memorial Race and again for the pit crew for Iditarod)

Casey McDonald, Anchorage (Support)

Colin McDonald, Anchorage/Bethel (Dog drop food bag transportation support)

John McDonald and Beverly Hoffman, Bethel (Support – Vacuum Packing Team)

Bruce Nerby, Montana (2013 online donation)

Jen Peeks, Bethel (#1 Handler, trainer, yard worker; won the 2012 Bogus Creek 150!)

Chase Powers, Anchorage (Dropped dog support)

Lee Ryan, Anchorage (Support)

Joy Shantz, Bethel (Kaiser Racing Kennel logo)

Becky Spets, Bethel (Kuspuks for fundraising)

Tom’s Toyo, Tom Hawkins, (Support)

Clarence and Linda Towarak, Unalakleet  (Housing for start of Paul Johnson Memorial Race)

Donald Towarak, Unalakleet, (2013 Norton Sound 450 Handler)

Dave Trantham, Bethel, (Donation)


106 Responses to Sponsors

  1. Sarah Leighliter says:

    Dear Mr.Kaiser,
    My name Sarah L. I live in Bay Village Ohio. I have seen famous Balto in Cleveland. I am in third grade at Westerly Elementary. I am a big fan. I have some questions.

    1. How many dogs do you have?

    2. How do you pick which dogs to race?

    3. What kind of dogs do you breed?

    4.What traits do you want in your dogs?

    Thank you so much for answering. I can’t wait for answers. I wish you good luck. Hope you win!

    Your fan,
    Sarah L.

  2. A. Hall says:

    I read the name of every sponser & I thank you very much for making it possible for this very talented young man to make the race. It also allows me & thousands of others to enjoy “The Greatest Race on Earth” & see the finest athletes perform, that would be the dogs. A special thanks to Vet & dog handlers.

  3. Carolyn Moses says:

    ~*here’s to our local’s Best “Pete Kaiser”…Best of Luck on the Last Great Race the “Iditarod”..you are in our EyEs ..1 of the Best in the World of Mushers,your accomplishments have brought you this far to running the Kuskokwim 300,Kobuk 440,Wm Johnson Memorial,and then the Iditarod..WE are all so PrOuD of you Pete..”God’s Speed & Safety to Nome”..this coming from your #1 Fans from Bethel..”Chelsea,Gwen,Erica,Mia(your poster maker),Nate,Blare,Jackie,Eva and mostly Carolyn..Hoffman/Moses/Treat/Langlie Families”..Much LoVe Pete*~

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