Sponsor Spotlight – Northern Air Cargo

Thanks Northern Air Cargo

Transportation… It’s the key to success for a Mushing program. Kaiser Racing is proud of our association with Northern Air Cargo. Their support is very much appreciated. When Team Kaiser needs to get into Anchorage, Northern Air Cargo flies them from Bethel. Last year they also let us document the trip by photographing the unloading process in Anchorage. The Anchorage crew bent over backwards to make sure we had what we needed and of course to make sure the Team was comfy on their ride. Thanks Northern Air Cargo!

Here are the photos from the 2015 unload at the NAC Anchorage terminal. This is something that road system Teams don’t have to do very often, but every Team in the Iditarod does at least once on the return from Nome. Enjoy:


Relaxing at Home – Kaiser One to Bethel

A day after arriving into Nome after 1000 miles, Team Kaiser was whisked away by Ryan Air to their dog yard in Bethel. While all flights out of Nome were full for humans, our animal friends got priority treatment as Kaiser One, headed for Bethel. (Whenever our Team is on a Ryan Flight, just like the President, it becomes Kaiser One 🙂 )

Thanks to Ryan Air for the swift service! Each year we watch all of the Teams work their logistics and smile a bit because Lee, Boyuk, and all of the Ryan Crew have it all handled for us. We can’t express how fortunate we feel to have this last part of the Iditarod fully under control.

Thanks Ryan Air for all you do for Kaiser Racing Kennel!

Here is the video we made a couple of years ago, in case you missed it, of the trip home!


Pete Kaiser – 5th Place for 2016! Hooray!


The full contingent of Kaiser Race fans met Pete as he crossed the burled arches this morning at 11:24am this morning to claim 5th place in the 2016 Iditarod. Pete and the dogs looked great. After chasing 4th place Musher Wade Mars, he just missed 4th place by a bit over 2 minutes.

Pete was very satisfied in both the Team and the Race as a whole. This 5th place finish ties his earlier 2012 5th place finish, but his time of 8d 20h 24m 55s is his fastest time ever. He officially bests Lance Mackey’s 2010race record with this finish.

Here are the photos! Go Team Kaiser!



We Love Ryan Air! Rock Star Status!


Ryan Air has been one of our Lead Dog sponsors since the beginning. Boyuk and Lee have been some of Pete and the Team’s most supportive sponsors.

We just can’t thank these guys enough for our annual support and then today they went up above and beyond (Literally) what we could even imagine!

So Kaiser Race fans have been noticing that Pete and the Team are a whole day ahead of his usual schedule. This is Great of course! But we had all purchased tickets to get to Nome tomorrow afternoon, AFTER our Team would have made it across the Finish Line! Hmmm… Alaska Airlines was totally booked on all flights. No Standbys either.

Rick Hanson got Lee on the phone and explained the situation. Next thing we know, Kaiser One was headed to Bethel to pick up the Kaiser Pit Crew. Apparently they had a flight headed to Nome from Anchorage, so a diversion was planned to take care of us.

“I feel like a Rock Star!” exclaimed Ron as we boarded the Ryan Air Pilatus PC12 for the flight to Nome. What a wonderful trip! Captain Boyuk Ryan started the engine and away we went for the quick hour and 15 minute flight to Nome.

What a great airplane! I highly recommend it!

Thank You again Ryan Air! Not only for the Great Sponsorship each year, but also this year for really helping us out!

Go Team Kaiser!


Into White Mountain – Break Time!


After an epic run in from Koyuk, Pete and the Team were into White Mountain at 18:51 with 11 dogs.

After leaving Koyuk at 6:56am, making their way to Elim, and then chasing Wade Mars into White Mountain, Pete and the Team are more than ready for the 8 hour mandatory layover.

We are looking at a Daylight Finish!! Pete and the Team will be able to return to the trail at 2:51am. The average time between White Mountain and the finish is between 9 and 12 hours and with this Team, I am thinking a finish between 11am and 2pm tomorrow.

For now, it’s break time. The longest Pete and the Team have had since Ruby, more than 300 miles ago and more than 3 days ago.

Go Team Kaiser!


“His Team is on Fire!” Out of Elim


“His Team is on Fire!”– Sebastian Schnuelle in Elim

After making up an hour on Wade Mars, Pete dropped a dog in Elim, quickly snacked the Team and left right back onto the Trail. He has Wade Mars squarely in his sights and this Team is not going to let up.

What an exciting afternoon!

The trail to White Mountain and a mandatory 8 hour break is roughly 46 miles. Initially they will head due West and then head Northwest onto Golovin Bay towards the village of White Mountain.

Weather- Check Perfect

Team- Check On Fire

Musher- Check Ready to Rock and Roll

Go Team Kaiser!