Pete Kaiser – 2015 Kuskokwim 300 Champion!


Place Musher Bethel (finish) checkin time Elapsed Time
Winner Peter Kaiser 1/18/15 5:31 35:01:25

A Dream Come True!

Pete Kaiser grew up on the runners of a sled dreaming of the day when he might run in the Kuskokwim 300. As time went on he entered and won the other two races of the Kuskokwim 300 Trifecta- The Akiak Dash and the Bogus Creek 150.

Pete’s Win today puts him in a class by himself.

1) First Triple Crown Winner (Akiak Dash – Bogus Creek 150 – Kuskokwim 300)

2) First Local Born Winner

He is also the first Local Musher to win the Kuskokwim 300 in 29 years to Win. The last local Champion was Myron Angstman himself in 1986.

Pete offers his congratulations to all of his supporters, both Corporate and Personal. This Win he shares with all of you that make it possible for him to pursue his dreams.

Go Team Kaiser! (Now if you’ll pardon me for a bit- I haven’t slept since yesterday, so it’s NAP TIME and then I’ll get the finish photos and videos)


Tales from the Trail – 15 Minute Lead at Kwethluk

Last Checkpoint - Kwethluk

Last Checkpoint – Kwethluk

Just off the phone with Jenn Peeks. She was at the Kwethluk Checkpoint when Pete and the Team came through. 15 minutes is the number! Team looked excellent and a bit more spunky that Rohn Buser’s Team. No official time yet, but a good lead is being built up. It’s a nice trail in from Kwethluk and we should see a finish just after 5am.



Last Checkpoint in Sight! Kwethluk and then Mush on Home!

Pete and the Team are doing a fine job on this last section of the Trail. What is really interesting is his trail time- It’s virtually identical to his time going outbound!!

Team Kaiser took about 1 hour 20 minutes between Kwethluk and Akiak on the way up and have almost the same time on the way down. This type of speed over long distances will really pay out in the Iditarod, and for the Kusko it really is helping as well.

This has to be such a thrill and I am sure Pete and the Team are very excited. I also know, that of virtually everone I know, Pete keeps an “eye on the prize” so to speak and is very focused on running a fast clean race and keeping everyone behind him. We have seen this time and time again where he will stick to a game plan and keep the battle going until the end.

This isn’t the first race he has led, and that leader experience is paying dividends now– Don’t get too excited, let’s just finish this thing!

The race is far from over and Rohn and Jeff are still just on Pete’s heels, but he is holding them off at this point. I am thinking a Race finish between 5:15 and 6:00am at this point.

My analytics shows that a multitude of Team Kaiser Race Fans are tuned in! Thank You for showing your support for this fine young musher! Go Team GO! Go Team Kaiser!!

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