K300 Race Map and Distances – Whitefish Loop

2020 K300 Map

Bethel to Tuluksak – 49 Miles

Tuluksak to Kalskag – 48 Miles

Kalskag to Aniak via Whitefish – 48 Miles

Aniak to Kalskag – 37 Miles

Kalskag to Tuluksak – 48 Miles (Mandatory 4 hour layover)

Tuluksak to Finish – 48 Miles

Layover Rules:
Racers must take six (6) combined layover hours between the checkpoints of Kalskag and Aniak. A layover begins when the racer declares their intention to the checker and signs in. A layover ends when the racer signs out. Layovers may be taken at Kalskag or Aniak on the outgoing or incoming trail. A racer may cancel a layover, once declared, if the racer elects to postpone the layover time until a later checkpoint. Each team is subject to a time adjustment to compensate for the staggered start wherever the team takes its first layover.
The six layover hours may be broken up amongst the checkpoints however a racer deems appropriate. For Example a racer may take a 4 hour layover + time adjustment in Kalskag outbound, a 1 hour layover in Aniak and a 1 hour layover in Kalskag on the incoming trail. Layover time will only be counted in 1 hour increments and will round down to the nearest whole hour. For example staying in a checkpoint for 1 hour and 55 minutes would count as 1 hour of layover time, while staying in the checkpoint for 2 hours and 4 minutes would count as 2 hours of layover time.



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