Kaiser Gear is Here!

Get them while you can! Supplies Limited!

Howdy Kaiser Race Fans! Here at Kaiser Central we are excited to announce our 2017 Kaiser Racing Gear order has ARRIVED! Show your support for Pete and the Team with some great gear that we know you will love.

While Pete and the Team are busily getting ready for the Iditarod, Mrs. Kaiser and little Ari have been organizing the huge boxes of goodies!

We have Hoodies, T-Shirts, Ball Caps, Winter (Beanie) Hats, and even a few items for the Kids!

So how can you get your hands on this gear before it runs out?

Use the form below or Send Us a Message on Facebook. (If you know Bethany or Pete, you can always give them a call or message on Facebook as well!)

Thanks to all of our great fans out there! Go Team Kaiser!!

Gear Pricing-

TShirts- $30
Adult – S-M-L-XL-XXL
Navy Blue, Grey, Black, Dark Grey

Hoodies -$50
Adult – S-M-L-XL
Dark Grey – Light Grey

Ball Cap – $25
Grey – Black

Beanie Hat – $25
Grey – Black

TShirts $20
Navy – Purple

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Video – Niklas Wikstrand – Bogus 150 Interview (Norwegian and English Versions)

For his fans and friends back home, I had Nik give a post race interview in Norwegian. (Now I have no IDEA what he was saying, but I trust he relayed his post race emotion) I also made one in English. He’s an interesting guy and we have been happy to have him around.

The Post Race interview is identical (and in English) by KYUK’s Angela Denning and then the personal interview is in one of the languages. The DOGS LOOK GREAT! Go Team Kaiser!

Nik Takes Second Place! We are a Proud Kennel!

2017 Bogus 150 Niklas Wikstrand – 2nd Place

Team Kaiser takes second place in the 2017 Bogus Creek 150! As a Team we couldn’t be more proud of this young man from Norway. A bundle of nerves at the Starting Line, he overcame the rookie jitters that all young mushers experience and ran a beautiful race. I told him personally at the Line to just have fun and run his race– All of the rest would fall into play. He had over 1000 miles on the runners and with those beautiful, experience dogs, he just needed to play it smart. Well that he did, and much more!

Nik Wikstrand comes to Team Kaiser from one of the closest places to the North Pole in the world. He is from Norway, but has been working in a place called Svalbard. Svalbard is one of the most northern inhabited places and only about 800 miles from the North Pole. (Like from Bethel to Barrow). Nik may be a rookie completing his first race, but he is very experienced with dogs and dogteams. He has been running tourist sled dog expeditions in Svalbald for the last couple of years. We are so proud of him and Team. The Team was barking and ready to go as they crossed the Finish Line. Congratulations Nik!


The Kings are Re-Crowned!

In the sport of Dog Sled racing you hear names, King, Butcher, Swenson. In Kuskokwim 300 lore, we tell of King, Swingley, and Kaiser. But in the hard fought Bogus Creek 150, the unique 150 mile, no holds barred, dash to the finish challenge, you hear of two names time and time again– Pavila and Olick.

Lewis Pavila dashed across the Bogus Creek 150 again for his 4th victory. I asked Max Olick, “How many is this, Max?” Grinning ear to ear as he worked on the dogs, he said, “7 or 8.” The Crown of the Bogus is held in very high regard and some Teams are content to remain running this great event. This year Jackie Larson, another great 150 Champion, is running the Kuskokwim 300. It will be interesting to see how he likes it 🙂

Team Kaiser congratulates both Lewis and Max on another great win. Our rookie handler from Norway, Niklas, was hot on their heels, but in the end it was another trophy for the Kwethluk Team.

Here are the Winner Photos from the Bogus Creek 150-

Video- Pete’s K300 Pre Race Interview

As we wait for Teams to reach the Finish Line in the Bogus Creek 150, here’s a conversation Pete and I had just before the Start of the K300. KYUK is reporting -40 at Tuluksak as well. Just to give fans an idea of Finish Line, Teams are just into Akiak in the Bogus Creek 150. On the way up with fresh dogs, the fastest Team from Bethel to Akiak was 2 hours 30 minutes, so a finish around 11am should be doable.

Don’t forget the mass Start of the Akiak Dash at 2:00pm this afternoon! Go Team Kaiser!

Cold Night – Competition Heats Up


Good Morning Race Fans! It’s been a cold night out there on the trails, but the action is heating up for a great weekend of racing!

Temperatures on the Trail are as close to as low as we have ever seen. -40 this morning in Kalskag has Teams hunkered down and taking layover time in that checkpoint. Teams began arriving after 4am this morning with Pete and the Team checking in at 4:47 in 4th position.

The weather prediction for today is calling for cold temps, but sunny skies and calm wind, so it will warm a bit as the sun takes hold for today’s trail. Mushers are taking this into their race strategy making the Kalskag break a good move for this year’s race.

Meanwhile in the Bogus Creek 150, Teams are making their way down the Trail towards the Finish Line having taken their layovers last night at the Bogus Pit Crew campsite. It’s been a cold one for Mushers, Teams, and Pit Crews alike, but for the Bogus Teams, today will mark a new Champion and a warm bed, Kusko Mushers will have to endure!

Niklas and the Kaiser Team are doing a GREAT job for his first race! The Bogus Creek 150 is traditionally a shootout of Village Teams bent on keeping the trophy in their Kennel. Each year the Teams of Kwethluk, Akiachak, Akiak, and Napaskiak, shoot it out and make for a real exciting race. This year is not different, and Nik is in the heat of the fight.

Time to make a bit of coffee and get ready for the day. Remember to dress warm!

Go Team Kaiser!

Cold, Colder, Tuluksak

Teams are into Tuluksak on the trail up the Kuskokwim. Pete and the Team are making good time, but temperatures on the trail are dropping slowly as mushers move further inland. Memories of the Starting Line and -23 earlier this evening will feel balmy compared to dropping temperatures near -36 in Aniak.

Iditarod Mushers on the Trail who experienced the Huslia loop a couple of years ago are definitely going to have a deja-vu moment for sure!

Nik and the Bogus Team will surely be looking forward to the Pit Crew who surely have a grand fire awaiting his arrival shortly. Mushers haven’t seen this kind of cold since the first race in 1989.