Fan Fotos – Dorothy Chase and her Girls

John Riley’s family is one of Team Kaiser’s greatest fans. Here is his daughter Dorothy and her girls!

We are super excited! Our excitement is growing even more as Pete gets closer to Nome. ??

Dorothy, Lauren, Sarah and Kristen

Thanks Girls! (Dorothy– You’re still a girl!)

GO Team Kaiser!!


Okay– How About Some Fan Fotos??

Pete Loves the Team! That includes YOU!

Send us a selfie and make a GO TEAM KAISER sign! (Yes you can print one, but you could be creative! 🙂 )

Send it to and include where you are from and who you are or who is in the photo! We will post it to the website!

Go Team Kaiser!!


Fan Fotos – Pete and Irene Kaiser – Annual Check-in

I’m sure the kids look at their Mom and say, “MOM, not again!!”

But it sure is cool to look back on these little kids that are now grown into nice young people.

So here is our annual check-in with Pete Kaiser (Louisiana version) and his sister Irene. They came to us on our first run of Fan Fotos 10 years ago! Thanks Kids! And Mom Mary as well! 🙂


Fan Fotos – NASA Astronaut Josh Cassada with Alicia Cox

Houston… We have a problem! There’s not enough Kaiser Racing Fans!! Haha! Tell that to Alicia Cox!

Astronaut Josh Cassada with Alicia Cox

I got this from Colin McDonald, Kaiser Racing perennial handler and one of Pete’s lifelong friends. His friend Alicia started an Astronaut Fan Club! Now that’s a Fan Club!! GO Team Kaiser!

From Alicia-

Listen up! If you aren’t following along with this years Iditarod race, Astronaut Josh Cassada and I think it’s time you start!!

I grew up in a small rural town in Western Alaska. Pete and I were in the same grade and went to school together from 4th grade on. Pete and 4 other Kuskokwim mushers are competing in this years Iditarod, which is HUGE for our little town.

If you follow Kaiser Racing Kennel on Facebook, you’ll read Colin McDonald’s really excellent race updates and commentary on these mushers and learn how Pete got the nickname “Slippery Pete”.

About 2 years ago, I began working for NASA as part of a team that trains astronauts for spacewalks. That’s how I came to befriend some really amazing folks like Josh who is currently assigned for his first mission to space on Boeing’s second Starliner voyage to the International Space Station! He was excited to take this picture with me today and to cheer on Pete and my other hometown teams before beginning his NBL training for ISS maintenance he will perform during his FIRST SPACEWALK!

The mushers are now just over halfway to the finish line in Nome, so Josh and I thought it was a great time to send a little extra cheer from NASA’s Johnson Space Center as they race towards that Burled Arch!

Go Pete, Richie, Niklas, Jessica, and Victoria!

And if you’re unsure about “Slippery Pete” it is from an old Seinfeld episode:


Fan Fotos – Johnson Family – SO SO Cool!!

This Fan Foto really made me smile! Regina is John Riley’s daughter and the whole family is rockin’ for Team Kaiser every year! “Most of all we are Kaiser Fans!” she said. They rushed home from her son’s game to get in a photo to send Pete off to the Yukon.

Thanks You Guys!! SO SO Awesome!

Starting at the Top on Down we have:

Go Team Kaiser!


Fan Fotos – John and Ruth Riley!

Last year, longtime Kaiser Racing Fan and even longer time sprint musher was sidelined in Anchorage due to a serious medical condition. His daughters, Dorothy and Regina, report that he was just in Anchorage again for a checkup and they have given him the ALL CLEAR! John and his lovely wife, Ruth are breathing a sigh of relief and able to follow Pete along the trail this year. (As long as someone can get that dog gone computer working!! Haha!)

Go Team Kaiser!

John and Ruth say Go Team Kaiser!

Here are a few photos of John when he was burning up the sprint trails (Click to enlarge)-


Fan Fotos – From England! Olivia Moore!

Olivia is 7 from Gilmorton School in Leicestershire England, says her Dad, David. Every pupil in her class is following a Musher and Olivia picked Peter. “Good luck. Pete!” says Olivia!

Thanks so much Girlie! Go Team Kaiser!

Here’s what her school looks like- just a bit different than Rural Alaska!!

Olivia’s School

And here is where she is from… It would take over a day to fly from Takotna to her school!! Now THAT’s a SUPER FAN!!

Cheering on from Far Far Away!



Fan Fotos – Kuskokwim Campus Cheering on Pete, Nik, Victoria, Richie, and Jessica!

Kuskokwim Campus has always been a proud supporter of Kaiser Racing! Thanks Gang! Of course Kaiser Team Mom, Janet works there, and so does Kaiser Granddaddy Ron, but it doesn’t take any extra effort for the folks to come out and cheer all of the Kuskokwim Mushers in the Iditarod! Thanks to Cindy for making it happen! Look at all those smiling faces! Go Team Kaiser!