K300 Race Map, Distances, and Purse


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Bethel to Akiachak – 16 Miles (New for 2013)

Akiachak to Akiak – 14 Miles

Akiak to Tuluksak – 18 Miles

Tuluksak to Bogus – 22 Miles (Not a K300 Checkpoint)

Bogus to Kalskag – 24 Miles

Kalskag to Aniak – 32 Miles

Aniak to Kalskag – 52 Miles

Kalskag to Tuluksak – 48 Miles (Mandatory 4 hour layover)

Tuluksak to Akiak – 18 Miles

Akiak to Akiachak – 14 Miles

Akiachak to Finish Line Bethel – 16 Miles

Layover Rules:
Racers must take a 6-hour layover at either Kalskag or Aniak.  The layover begins when the racer declares his intention to the checker and signs in.  The layover ends when the racer signs out.  The layover may be taken at Kalskag or Aniak on the outgoing or incoming trail.  The racer may cancel a 6-hour layover, once declared, if the racer elects to postpone the layover until a later checkpoint.  During the 6-hour mandatory layover, each team is subject to a time adjustment to compensate for the staggered start.



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  1. Ed Fansler says:

    Awesome job PK!!!!
    Certainly had your share of drama, weather, tracker, and virtual dead heat!

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