Excitement on the Homefront

Though the Finish Line for the Norton Sound 450 is 250 miles North of Team Kaiser’s home court, the excitement built to a fever pitch Friday night. I arrived to interview Jen, but found the Kaiser dinner table in a fever pitch due to Pete’s Tracker not moving. It was a nervous time as the unknown crept into everyone’s fears. Then a quick call to Unalakleet and the news came– The front runner had just entered town– It was Pete and the Team! Wahoo!! The mood quickly changed and then Laureli Kineen called to confirm. Pete was going to be first across the line. Then the next challenge- Would it be enough to keep Martin Buser in second.

Pete needed to have at least 4 minutes over Martin for the win. As we listened to the garbled phone in the bathroom we wondered. Coming down the trail was Martin. The clock was ticking literally as we listened to Laureli talk through his crossing of the line. Pete still hadn’t won at this point. Tick Tock and then it came– Martin Buser’s elapsed time was more than Pete and the Team. Officially Team Kaiser had won the race and cheers could be heard from the dining room across the house.

It was truly a fun night win or lose. Everyone gathered to cheer and be together to celebrate the finish.

Here are the photos from tonight’s Kaiser Finish Bethel style!


2013 Paul Johnson Memorial Norton Sound 450 Finish Audio


Listening to the Finish in Unalakleet

Here is the audio from KNOM. Same deal as before! We listened to the Finish in the Kaiser Bathroom (The quietest room in the house during the Finish!)

[mejsaudio src=”http://kaiserracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/finishknom.mp3″]

Here is an interview I got just after the race as well- Pete sounds upbeat and he relates all of the drama from the trail:


Pete Kaiser


[mejsaudio src=” http://kaiserracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/finishinterview.mp3″]





Final Results and Purse Breakdown

From Norton Sound 450

Final Run times and race results from todays final heat. Participants are placed in order. It was agreed by the mushers to a purse be paid for the race to Unalakleet. We are also paying out each musher a guaranteed amount of equal portions. Total purse on top of that amount is 10,000.00 Purse Break down:
Musher finish and placement listed below in order from 1st to 8th

Pete Kaiser into Unk @6:42:02pm Elapsed time 4hrs12mins2sec
Martin Buser in @6:51:10pm Elapsed time 4hrs15mins10secs
Aaron Burmeister @ 6:58:07pm Elapsed time 4hrs24mins7secs
Gerry Willomitzer @ 7:26:17pm Elapsed time 4hrs48mins17secs
Chuck Schaeffer @ 7:51-15pm Elapsed time 5hrs11mins15secs
DeeDee Jonrowe @7:41:40pm Elapsed time 5hrs11mins40secs
Ellitot Anderson @7:56:31pm Elapsed time 5hrs14mins31secs
Alex Otten @8:00:48pm Elapsed time 5hrs16mins48secs


Pete is in the Lead

Word from the trail, Pete has taken the lead! 

Trucks out on the trail just saw Pete and the Team pass about 2 miles from the Finish Line.

Pete has a 3/4 mile lead over the next musher. Laureli Kineen just confirmed it.

Team Kaiser should cross the finish line in the next 2o miles.