Team Kaiser Wins the 2017 Kuskokwim 300

Peter Kaiser and his 9 dogs crossed the 2017 Kuskokwim 300 Finish Line at 10:37 this morning with an elapsed time of 40Hrs 7Minutes and 54 Seconds. He bested his 2016 Elapsed time of 40:36:21 by almost 30 minutes! Pete’s “3-Pete” of the race was marked by very cold temperatures, but trails with snow that made it much easier on the dogs.

Team Kaiser bested the second place Team, Brent Sass, by 46 minutes. Pete steadily increased the lead out of Tuluksak, unlike last year when Sass was slowly catching him and finishing only 8 minutes behind.

A great crowd of spectators braved the cold weather and extreme (-50) windchills to welcome the Bethel borne Champion home. “It’s great to see all of the folks,” he said, “It’s why we do this. The support of the community is really what drives this.”

Pete will take home over $25,000 in prize money for the Win!

It’s been a long evening for many of us, but there are many Teams still on the trail, so make sure to head on down and cheer them across the Line. It is truly a great accomplishment to finish this race.

Here are the Finish Line Photos!

Out of Kwethluk! Updated Race Finish Estimate – Time to Get Moving!

Just off the phone with Ron at Kaiser Central and Myron at the Old Friendly Dog Farm. It is just over 16 miles from Kwethluk to Bethel. Pete and the Team are doing about 9 miles per hour.

Looking like a finish between 10:30 and 11:00am.

Keep an eye on the tracker and REMEMBER- It’s notoriously about 10 minutes off. I spoke with a guy yesterday at the Bogus Finish who experienced this first hand. He got to the finish only to see Lewis Pavila load up the truck.

See Ya Down there!

Go Team Kaiser!

When Will Brent Make His Move?

One of the neat features of the Spot Tracker (Man I wish Iditarod would use it!!) is called Race Flow. It gives a visualization of speed and what Teams are doing. Are they increasing their lead or overtaking the next team.

Looking at the Race Flow from Last year’s race, it appears that Brent did virtually the same thing– He held back until about 15 miles out and then poured on the coal to try for the win. See Below-

One encouraging thing is that Pete and the Team seem to be getting faster, but the interval is much closer than it was. It could be a nose to nose finish this year! See Below- In the last 20 miles Team Kaiser seems to be increasing the lead slightly but steadily.