NEW! Leave a Voice Message for Team Kaiser!


New this year! Leave a Voice Message for Team Kaiser!

Calling charges apply, so keep it short and sweet!

Call 206-855-3202

Send your Greeting to Pete and the Team!

The Fine Print- By leaving message you agree to have your voice message posted to the website and the world at large may hear it. No Profanity Allowed. Call is not toll free – Phone Charges may be incurred. All messages may be edited slightly to improve quality. Have a great day from Team Kaiser!

Clyde’s Fan Club Photos

In the Anvik Video you can clearly see Clyde in Lead. Well it appears that the Team isnt the only Clyde followers in the race. In from the Tony Family and their Lead Dog’s Crash and Jinx in Bethel are Clyde’s Fan Club! Go Clyde!! (Go Team Kaiser!) Send us YOUR Fan Fotos! Just make a sign and take a photo with you or your lead dog and send it our way!

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Fan Fotos From Kiwi Land

It’s summer in New Zealand, but Kaiser Fan Jeremy Kerr sent us this photo. He’s a veteran Kaiser Racing watcher having joined us last year. Have a great day Mate! Thanks!

Jeremy wrote-

Good luck Pete!  I’m cheering for you again this year and hope that you and the rest of Delta FOURce Team have a great race.  Go Team Kaiser!!

From Jeremy in New Zealand

1-Jeremy NZ Fan

Jeremy with a Kaiser Racing shirt in New Zealand 2013


Jeremy’s Rookie Year Photo!

Fan Fotos – Kiska

Cindy Andrecheck and Tom Ratledge’s lead dog Kiska was all ready to head to the Iditarod but missed the plane!! So they are watching Pete from the sideline and hoping for next year! Go Team Schnauzer!

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