Sponsor Spotlight – Lynden

Lynden has been a supporter of Pete and the Team since the beginning. Their support is so crucial and so appreciated. Not only does Lynden provide support for the mushing program, but when Pete isn’t training or mushing dogs, he is working for Lynden in one of their local companies. In the past, Pete worked as a deckhand with Captain Took Laraux for Bering Marine. Lately, as the mushing program has required more attention, Pete has worked for Knik Construction in Bethel.

Thanks Lynden for all of your support!


Lynden’s Dan Hall with Pete at the Drawing in Anchorage



Lead Dog Sponsor Spotlight – Donlin Gold


Stan Foo with Pete and son Ari at the Nome Finish Line

Donlin Gold has been a supporter of Pete and the Team for several years and their encouragement to Mushing in general has been outstanding. All of the folks at Donlin Gold have been great Fans as well and helped out so much.

They are with us during Training, at the Starting Line, and always the Finish Line. Stan, Kurt, Sue, and all of the great Donlin Staff have not only been Sponsors, but also great fans as well!

We appreciate not only the support of Kaiser Racing, but in keeping Mushing alive by sponsoring the Iditarod and the Kuskokwim 300. It is support like this that keeps the sport and traditions alive! Thanks Donlin Gold! We truly appreciate having you as our Lead Dod Sponsor of the Team!

Sponsor Spotlight – Northern Air Cargo


Transportation… It’s the key to success for a Mushing program. Kaiser Racing is proud of our association with Northern Air Cargo. Their support is very much appreciated. When Team Kaiser needs to get into Anchorage, Northern Air Cargo flies them from Bethel. Last year they also let us document the trip by photographing the unloading process in Anchorage. The Anchorage crew bent over backwards to make sure we had what we needed and of course to make sure the Team was comfy on their ride. Thanks Northern Air Cargo!

Here are the photos from the 2015 unload at the NAC Anchorage terminal. This is something that road system Teams don’t have to do very often, but every Team in the Iditarod does at least once on the return from Nome. Enjoy:

Sponsor Spotlight – Drew’s Foundation


Drew’s Foundation works to spread the message of Suicide Prevention throughout Alaska. Pete has proudly carried the Drew’s Foundation Banner on every race and last year was in Drew’s production, “Never Give Up”. The Foundation has been very helpful each year contributing dog food for the Team. Thanks for being there for us Drew’s Foundation and Paul O’Brien! You truly are one of the Team!

In case you missed it, here is the PSA- Pass it on!

Sponsors Spotlight – Thanks to the Team!

The Big Sponsor’s get the limelight. And they should. We are so thankful to our Lead Dog sponsors- Donlin Gold, Drew’s Foundation, Northern Air Cargo, Lynden, and Ryan Air.

There is another group though, that must be mentioned. These smaller businesses give whole heartedly to make sure that Pete and the Team are able to make it to the Starting Line. Just like the Team has leaders, it also has dogs in swing and wheel positions. This is also an important part of the Team, and we’d like to recognize them now. Thanks to all of these fine folks for supporting Kaiser Racing Kennel!




Pete’s Winning Time Contest

Apparently at the Fundraiser, there was a contest to guess the winning Time. Following are the Guesses. Martin Buser arrived across the line this morning at 6:30am with a time of  9 Days 15 Hours 33 Minutes 58 Seconds.

If Pete Arrives tomorrow in similar time, It will be 10 Days 15 Hours etc…

Here are the guesses:

Name Days Hours Min Seconds
Wednesday March 17 is Day 10
Jeff Harris 10 2 1 15
Ann Glasheen 10 2 10 56
John White 10 6 5 2
Darren Lieb 10 6 33 33
Mike Hoffman 10 8 23 23
Kevin Morgan 10 10 10 10
Tracy Faulkner 10 10 10 10
Tomas Israelsson 10 14 15 20
Lauren Berdow 10 15 45 2
Tomas Israelsson 10 16 15 20
John White 10 18 30 44
Thursday March 18 is Day 11
Sherry Smith 11 6 46 5
Sean Denning Barnes 11 8 12 1
Lauren Berdow 11 8 35 1
Fern Faulkner 11 8 27 15
Richard Taylor 11 10 23 10
Amanda Barker 11 11 11 11
Chris Bach 11 12 13 14
illegible name 11 18 32 46
Jasmine Polk 11 23 5 43
Friday March 19 is Day 12
Sherry Smith 12 3 6 27
Lisa Whalen 12 3 24 59
Darrell Garrison 12 7 7 7
Shane Iverson 12 7 20
Dena Drake 12 7 32 15
Chris Pike 12 8 25
Anita Geerdts 12 9 10 20
Roxanne Sattler 12 9 23 31
Jasmine Polk 12 12 12 12
Jasmine Polk 12 13 20 25
Jim Potter 12 15 45 20
Andrew Simmons 12 16 22 31
Francesca 12 18 3 53
Saturday March 20 is Day 13
Bach’s donna chris dude 13 2 15 59
Jasmine Polk 13 2 31 43
Jill Hoffman 13 6 10 33
Shane Iverson 13 8 20
Angel Harris 13 10 10 10
Mitch Cullou 13 10 12 43
Prize will be given upon Janet Kaiser’s return to Bethel from Nome. Thank you!

Racing for Oxygen Details

Pete Kaiser, Oxygen Run
March 4, 2010
Article by Donna Bach
Press Contact Number: (907) 543?6037 or cell: (907)?545?2262
A federal regulation imposed on the state of Alaska in October of last year is causing quite a
stir among the health and aviation industries.
The Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation in partnership Norton Sound Health
Corporation and numerous rural health care providers throughout rural Alaska are hoping
to send a message to the federal Department of Transportation by campaigning for a ”Race
for Oxygen” and sponsoring Pete Kaiser, a longtime Bethel musher in an awareness
The recent Department of Transportation regulation requires that all oxygen tanks
transported aboard airplanes be placed in rigid packaging that can stand up to stringent
heat tests. However, the manufacturer of the rigid packaging has not produced enough
packaging to make it readily available in Alaska. Many air carriers in Alaska’s aviation
industry have applied and received permit exemptions– which are due to expire this
summer. There is a strong sentiment among many in the health care and aviation industry
to allow the state of Alaska a permanent exemption due to the state’s unique geographic
challenges and lack of road infrastructure between it’s rural communities.
The aviation industry in Alaska and health care providers argue that the requirement will
cause unintentional consequences and possible deaths and will lead to a depleted
availability of the life?saving transportable oxygen often used by patients with chronic
bronchial and lung infections, asthma or other breathing related illnesses.
Considered the “Last Great Race on Earth,” the inspiration behind the Iditarod trail race
began in 1925 for a health related cause. A relay of dog teams and mushers were organized
to provide the life?saving diphtheria serum to treat many of the Inuit residents stricken with
the pandemic because blizzard conditions prevented airplanes from landing in the Bering
Strait community of Nome. The Iditarod Trail became a life saving highway for many in
Nome who may have died without the life?saving serum.
“This is another example where federal regulations that may work or be applicable in the
lower 48 states due to their extensive road system network will not work in a state that is
1/3rd the size of the continental U.S. and lacks basic road infrastructure,” said YKHC CEO and
President Gene Peltola.
“We want to support Pete Kaiser’s efforts in his premier Iditarod trail run to simulate that of
the Serum Run in highlighting how difficult the transport of oxygen can be for many of our
rural patients. This is a life and death situation for many patients, and harmful to several
industries throughout Alaska,” Peltola stated.
The regulation changes were first proposed in 2004 by the Pipeline and Hazardous
Materials Safety Administration, a division of the Department of Transportation in
correlation to a ValuJet flight 592 that crashed in Florida in 1996. Improperly stored oxygen