Team Kaiser First into Tuluksak!

Pete and the Team are First into the Tuluksak checkpoint and 4 hour mandatory layover!

After arriving at 23:57, the Team will be checked over by the K300 Veterinarian Team and then sent to rest in anticipation of the race to the 2020 K300 Finish Line!

Interview after interview has told of the amazing trail, but times for races are a bit slower than last year. Last year Matt Failor had the fastest Kalskag to Tuluksak run at 4:45 almost 30 minutes faster than Pete’s 5 hour 14 minute run this evening.

The Bogus Creek 150 times were also just a bit slower than last year. Not sure what to make of it, but in any case we are looking now at a 8:30-9:00am finish unless conditions change.

Close on the heels of Team Kaiser are Matt Failor and Richie Diehl who have been alternating position according to the tracker and are about 2 miles behind.

Weather is predicted to stay the same with a few snow showers closer to morning. Temperatures have risen a bit with Bethel reporting 4 above at this hour.

It is going to be an exciting finish, so get some rest and we will see you at the Finish Line!

Go Team Kaiser!!

Bogus Barn Burner

As per usual, the Bogus Creek is heating up to be an exciting finish. Father Alexander Larson has been leading the race all night, but hot on his heels is last year’s winner Jason Pavilla and Matt Scott, both who are having great race times. Ron is in 4th position about 4 miles back from the leader.

The leaders have made their way back onto the Gweek river and are about 13 miles from the Finish at 9am this morning. I’d guess we are looking at a 10:15-11:00am finish for the top 4 Teams.

Times are pretty identical to last year, but it has slowed on the last part of the race since Tuluksak. It will be interesting to hear tails from the trail 🙂

The Top 3 Teams are surely going for it, so grab a cup of coffee and head on down to see the finish!

Go Ron Kaiser!!

Fast into Kalskag – It’s Anyone’s Race!

Good Morning Race Fans!

A beautiful trail up the river has Teams closely packed together we all slept last night.

Jeff King checked into Kalskag first at 4:02 with only a 6 minute lead over a group of 4 mushers only a minute apart. The fastest time over the 50 mile route was Joar Ulsom with 4hrs 56 minutes, but the top five times are only separated by 5 minutes in those 50 miles with Pete and Aaron Peck only one minute behind.

Check in Times

Kalskag Check In Times

Kalskag Enroute Times

Kalskag Enroute Times

Considering that checking in 10 Teams at once doesn’t allow for a real accurate picture of the trail times, I’m considering a virtual tie among the top 5 Teams. There’s just not much distance between them. As Andy Angstman reported to, Teams were like a “Train” coming into the middle river checkpoint.

Comparing the race to last year, the times are very close, but a bit slower. Last year Jessie Holmes made the run in 4:28 with the top five teams under 4:45. Still a very fast race.

This year the trail route will head overland through the Whitefish Lake loop towards Aniak. This 50 mile trail routes up through the tundra and towards the Aniak River before heading into the Aniak Checkpoint. I’d guess that Teams will be taking 4 hours of their 6 hour mandatory rest before heading out. The race differential, which accounts for the staggered start times also will be added to rest in the Kalskag checkpoint.

Weather is just great. It’s cold, but clear and not so windy. Winds haven’t been a factor so far, so cross your fingers!

Go Team Kaiser!!


2020 K300 Starting Line Photos – Pete Kaiser

As we look through these memories of a really nice start to the race, Pete and many Teams are through Tuluksak and bound for Kalskag. It is a clear, cold night with brisk temperatures, but little wind so far. Teams are making good times up the trail with Jeff King leading a close group up the Kuskokwim. We can’t “see” him, though, because his tracker isn’t working. Back to the imagination fo what is really happening. I guess we will find out in several hours.

Pete and Team Kaiser arrived into Tuluksak at 11:12pm in a pack of 12 Teams within 6 minutes of each other. Jeff King arrived at 10:55, about 10 minutes ahead of the pack. It is so early, that this is pretty normal and the next 5o mile run into Kalskag will begin to show what Team placement.

I teased both Myron and Jeff about being “old timers” in the drawing photo album, but it seems that Jeff is looking for another jewel to make it an even 10 K300 wins!

Here are Pete and the Team at the Starting Line: Go Team Kaiser!