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  1. Brad Kehoe says:

    Pete…congrats on your run and win… been following you since I left Bethel in 2008 from Scappoose, OR… what a great welcome!

    When you have time, please f/u … want to purchase your gray bbcap and make a donation to the cause… please email me when you have a chance…thanks and again congrats

  2. Ellie says:

    Hey I am only 10 and I am supes excited you won!

  3. Amy Albertsen says:

    Congratulations on Peter’s 2019 win!!
    Do you happen to have any Kaiser racing products for purchase? I have a 10 year-old with a birthday in April that I’d love to get an autographed hat or picture for.
    Thank you for being such a great role model of calm diligence and perseverance, friendly competitiveness, humility and integrity that was obvious during and after the race!

  4. Frank Swatland says:

    First congratulations on your 2019 Win… A great accomplishmentt
    Can you please tell us the type Headlight Peter uses and the manufacture of it and possible the website were it can be purchased.

    Thank you



  5. ldrose says:

    Stå på Niklas! God tur videre, og kos deg masse med dine firebente venner. Hilsen fra Oslo!

  6. Douglas Kaiser says:

    Had to take a break from Mardi Gras to check out our favorite racing team.
    Go Team Kaiser

  7. Cherry Kellogg says:

    Good luck and safe travels!

  8. Julie Sanders Keymer says:

    Hei Niklas! We’re cheering & praying for you fra Washington State! SO excited to see our friend Dr. Nancy Livingston was your Iditarider! And Dick from Florida is our friend, too! We have taken photos at the Iditarod for years for Team Norway (Robert Sorlie, Kjetil, Bjornar, Sigrid, etc.)! And we have cheered for the Norge teams with the Sons of Norway Lodge in Anchorage! Hurra for Niklas og Norge! Hilsen, Julie og Marshall

  9. Aileen Shantz and Little Marky says:

    Happy Mushing Cousin Pete and Niklas! Wishing you both a safe trip. Sending lots of love.

  10. Dan Gaber says:

    It’d be great to get to Nome before everybody else! Go Bib #9. Team Kaiser!!

  11. Mike Donovan says:

    That was a great day for me at the anchorage start,get the win Pete!!

  12. Margarida & Josep says:

    Heia Niklas fra Barcelona!!!!! Det er helt spennende å følge deg på løpet! Kos deg mase!!!

  13. John Wallace says:

    Go Team Kaiser! Good luck to Pete and Niklas and those 28 awesome dogs!

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