Speaking of Sleep… KTUU Video Interview in Galena

As we say goodnight on the 24 hour break, watch Pete describe the trail and some of his challenges thus far. He also talks about sleep deprivation and how he deals with it on the trail. Veteran Kaiser Fans will remember several years ago during the Shaktoolik to Koyuk run where Pete and the Team passed Mitch Seavey while Pete was fast asleep at the helm! The story goes that Pete was following Mitch over the Bay on the monotonous run into Koyuk. Pete could see the lights of Koyuk and Mitch in the distance. The next thing he knew, Mitch was gone. “Hmmm…”, Pete thought. “That’s weird. I wonder where Mitch went.” In the checkpoint Mitch came up to him and told him he tried to say “Hi” but he was fast asleep on the way by.

Sebastiane Schnuelle, a veteran musher and trail reporter heard the story and laughed and laughed. In his strong German accent said, “Yah, It’s bad to get passed on that run, but its REALLY bad to get passed by someone who’s sleeping!!”

One of Mr. Kaiser’s fun Iditarod Memories that I fondly remember each year. (And you folks have to read Ha Ha!)

Go Team Kaiser! See Ya in the Morning!


Video- 2017 Fairbanks Interview

Team Kaiser’s pit crew is now back in Bethel! After we saw Pete in Nenana we had to wait until the following day (Tuesday) to head out on the “trail” ourselves via Alaska Airlines. Bethany, Ari, Ron, Rick Hanson, and myself, and our mountain of baggage arrived last night to join all of you as we concentrate on the tracker together!

Here is Pete’s pre-Race interview on Monday morning, just before taking to the trail.