Sponsor Spotlight – Bering Sea Animal Clinic

Dr. Bob Sept and Pete and one of the Team

Dr. Bob Sept and Pete and one of the Team

Last but certainly not least, Team Kaiser would like to thank our Veterinary Sponsor, Dr. Bob Sept. DVM. Dr. Bob has been caring for Team Kaiser dogs since Ron was on the sled runner many years ago. The Team is now safe and sound back in their Kennels in Bethel. The members of the Team that were dropped along the way were in remarkable shape. Pete’s sister, Tilly, said that they all were happy and healthy when she picked them up in Anchorage. The dogs in harness in Nome were in great shape and ready to go further. It is wholly the care that Pete has for his Team as well as the veterinary care from Bering Sea Animal Clinic that makes this possible.

Dog care is the primary concern for any musher, but Pete’s attention to detail largely comes from the mentorship of Dr. Bob Sept and his knowledge and care for Team Kaiser. Thanks Dr. Bob Sept and his helper extrodinaire, Jackie Klejka, for all their help this year and all of the many years. You are definitely part of the Team!

Safe and Sound – Fourteenth into Nome

It was an epic run. After leading Kelly Maixner for 75 miles, Pete and the Team were passed just two miles from the Finish Line. We drove out to Cape Nome and saw four lights. It got exciting in a hurry. What we were seeing was Paul Gepbhart, Kelly Maixner, Pete and the Team, and Christian Turner.

It was quite a sight. The Northern Lights were all around us as we saw Pete and the Team get passed only 3 miles from Nome.

We rushed to the Finish Line and cheered Pete and the Team across the Finish Line. Pete was tired and a bit down after the emotional roller coaster. After a quick shower it was off to bed and dreamland.

A recap is necessary after the race, but tonight, Pete and the Team are safe and sound, snuggled asleep.

Here are the photos:



The Excitement is Almost More Than We Can Handle!!


Pete and the Team have been running neck and neck for 60 miles. I can’t seem to stop my finger clicking “Refresh – Refresh” on the Tracker. It is an EPIC run! No matter who wins, this is one for the ages. This is Dog Sled Racing Folks. Pedal to the Metal. GO Team Kaiser GO!

I’ll have to say this is probably the most excited I have been at a finish. It will come down to the wire and that’s where we are headed.

Wish us Luck!! Go Team Kaiser!

Neck and Neck down the Stretch- Stormin’ Into Safety!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.49.21 PM

If you have been watching the Tracker like we have you will see that it is Neck and Neck. The four Teams of Kaiser, Maixner, Turner, and Redington have been too close to call since White Mountain. In fact the Teams are moving so well that they have been making up ground on the next Team up the trail, Paul Gebhardt.

It is very exciting here at Kaiser Central. We have been gathered around the Tracker watching and wondering. It’s been a bit tense, but still very EXCITING!

Go Team Kaiser!

Looking like a 1:30am finish, so if you are in Nome! Check it out!


Watch it Live on the Webcam! (Insider Required)

Sponsor Spotlight – Lead Dog Sponsor – Ryan Air


Ryan Air has been the Kaiser Racing Kennel Lead Dog Sponsor since the beginning. Boyuk and Lee Ryan have been so supportive in all of Team Kaiser’s events. In addition to being the Lead Dog sponsor, Ryan Air also transports the Team from Nome and many other races. We are so grateful for the support of Ryan Air– Leader of the Team of Sponsors!

Thank You so Much Ryan Air!

Ryan Air serves all of Alaska and supports directly the following locations: