Iditarod 2024 – Team Kaiser into Kaltag

Good Evening Race Fans!

It’s a cold evening up North and the action is really heating up. Pete and the Team arrived into Kaltag at about 8:15pm this evening and got to work right away bedding down and preparing a meal for the Team. 4 hours 13 minutes from Nulato was the second fastest time so far on that run. As that was happening, Dallas Seavey bootied up his Team and was off into the night after about a 2 hour 30 minute break.

The action is only going to get more exciting as mushers make their play to advance in position. The North wind and frigid temperatures that Teams will face in the coming 24 hours will most likely be the common theme for decision making. Last night on the trail to Nulato Dallas Seavey recorded -42 on his thermometer! Let’s hope for warmer this evening!!

It’s really been fun this year to see all of the action in checkpoints thanks to Starlink internet. Way to go Iditarod! (Well worth this year’s Insider subscription to be sure!)

Here’s Pete and the Team into Kaltag- Go Team Kaiser!!



Iditarod 2024 – Team Kaiser Out of Nulato

Good Afternoon Race Fans!

After a 5 hour break, Pete is back on the runners as the Team heads Southwest 47 miles towards Kaltag leaving at 4pm on the dot with 11 dogs. He was followed out of the checkpoint by Jason Mackey who didn’t take a break in the checkpoint and continued on the trail in the afternoon sunshine. Lead musher Travis Beals was into the Kaltag checkpoint at 3pm leaving 17 minutes later having dropped two dogs. That leaves the leader with 10 dogs in harness.

Weather couldn’t be more perfect, with sunny skies, a very light breeze and 1 degree above zero. Forecasted frigid temperatures are still on mushers minds, but the expected low tonight is -16– a far cry from the -29 that was expected.

Pete and the Team are running in 7th position at this point with some really nice Teams in front at the moment. Travis’ time to Kaltag was 4hrs 22min, so we can expect Team Kaiser into Kaltag between 8:30 and 9pm this evening,

Even with this longer break in Nulato, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take another break in Kaltag before heading over the portage to camp just before Unalakleet making Shaktoolik the next checkpoint for a rest.

Remember tonight is Time Change Saturday (Finally) so we will be getting our evening sunshine back!! Hooray!!

Go Team Kaiser!!


Iditarod 2024 – Fastest Into Nulato

Good Morning Race Fans!

It is a beautiful day on the Yukon. Clear skies and light winds, but it’s a cold one!! Pete and the Team arrived into Nulato in 7th position with the fastest time so far between Galena and Nulato. Team Kaiser can generally be counted on to fire the afterburners on the Yukon and early this morning was no exception! 5hrs 48 minutes is a really fast trail time!!

Pete parked the Team for a break in the sun and will most likely take 3-4 hours here. He will want to keep as much rest in the “tank” as possible before the portage and push to Shaktoolik. He arrived at 10:56 with 11 dogs in the Team.

Team Kaiser was 37 min faster than Travis Beals, 31 min faster than Dallas Seavey, and 21 faster than Jessie Holmes! That’s awesome as those three Teams have been posting the fastest trail times in the race so far.

Nulato weather presently is -8 at the airport, but Pete has the Team parked in a nice spot that should be warmer in the village.

The dogs looked awesome (as per usual) barking and ready for more. The “Boss”, however, is going to make sure they have a good meal and some rest before heading the 47 miles into Kaltag. I would expect a break at the Kaltag checkpoint as well as Pete prepares for the long 125 mile run to Shaktoolik. In later years,  Pete has broken that run into two runs with a break on the trail instead of breaking at the Unalakleet checkpoint which he will more than likely just check in and out.

We are into Iditarod Weekend full swing and the action is just about to break open!! Stay Tuned!

Go Team Kaiser!!


Iditarod 2024 – Pete and the Team into Galena

Good Evening Race Fans!!

It’s cold out there, but going to get colder. Pete and the Team arrived into the Galena checkpoint at 9:08 this evening after mushing the 50 miles in from Ruby at -10F. Pete declared his 8 hour layover and we’ll see if he actually takes the layover or heads out this evening after a 4 hour break.

If he remains in Galena for the 8 hour break, Pete and the Team can return to the trail at 5:08 at just the coldest part of the day.

Temperatures are supposed to reach -29-30F tonight, but apparently it is way warmer in the village than it is down on the river. That may have contributed to Pete’s decision to take the layover here.

Pete arrived 4th into Galena, but positions are just about to get flipped around as the three Teams, Holmes, Drobny, and Redington, have all take their 8 hour layover in Ruby and will be able to return to the trail sooner than Team Kaiser. The top 10 Teams are starting to shake out from the rest of the pack, but the Top 5 can be anyones guess with over 430 miles remaining in the race.

Iditarod Weekend is here and all the action is just around the corner!

Go Team Kaiser!!