Kaiser Racing Radio – Race or Run? How to Keep Going


Our Final Kaiser Racing Radio for the 2105 Iditarod. After today’s long break in Koyuk, we talk about the thought process of a musher when things go sour. We also talk about the future of mushing. How do we keep this sport alive? How do we get young mushers to enter this sport. Good conversation for the last one! Thanks to Myron Angstman for allowing me to pick his brain!

Kaiser Racing Radio – What DOES A Musher Think About for 1000 Miles?


Kaiser Racing Radio Day 8 Episode- A week ago we were watching Pete and the Team pass through Nenana and then we parted company as we drove south and Pete and the Team headed West on the Trail to Nome. In tonight’s episode we talk about the Seavey’s, Tourism Mushing Programs, and what a musher thinks about for 1000 miles on the trail to Nome. Fun stuff- Listen In!!

Go Team Kaiser!

Kaiser Racing Radio – Ariel Tweto Cookin’ Up Bacon!


Unalakleet’s Own– Ariel Tweto

I got a quick call into Unalakleet and who answered the phone, but Unalakleet’s very own Ariel Tweto! She was manning the Iditarod Checkpoint Kitchen, cooking to order for Mushers as they came in to take a break. A lively little gal, Ariel explains a bit about the checkpoint and also describes Pete and the Team into the checkpoint. Listen into this fun short conversation as she takes a break between meals:



Kaiser Racing Radio – Challenging the Mind and Body


Day 7 and we are now on the homestretch to Nome! 261 coastal miles to the Burled Arches!

Myron Angstman and I talk about logistics of the race, feeding schedules, and how the mind of a Musher can be his greatest challenge. Another fun listen- Join us!



Go Team Kaiser!


Kaiser Racing Radio -Tales of Attla and Analyzing the Nose of the Race


In this edition of Kaiser Racing Radio, Myron regales us with memories of George Attla and the second closest races in Mushing history. We also run down the leaders and talk about some strategies. Fun Show!

Listen in!

Kaiser Racin’ Radio – Layover Strategies and Who’s the Leader


On tonight’s session we talk about the layover strategies at play, how a layover is chosen, and who may be actually leading this race. Another fun session with Mr. Angstman-

Kaiser Racing Radio – Sass, Seavey, and Strategy


Kaiser Racing Radio is on the Air! Our first Podcast for Iditarod 2015!

I always learn quite a bit sitting down and chatting with Mr. Angstman. In today’s podcast we talk about the Sass disqualification, trail strategies, and a bit about who might actually be leading the race at this point. Listen in:

Thanks for Listening!

Kaiser Racing Radio at Unalakleet – Andy Angstman Reporting – Pete into Unalakleet


Just off the phone with Andy Angstman! Pete and the Team were just into Unalakleet ahead of Wade Mars to make 16th position.

Team looks good and we found another bit of news about the trail to Koyuk.

Listen In! Thanks Andy! Video and Photos coming soon!