Iditarod 2024 Finish – Thank Goodness for Pete Kaiser!

Pete and the Team have completed the 2024 Iditarod Trail Race!

It was a cold morning in Nome, Alaska, as Pete and the Team were just on the tails of 8th place Finisher, Amanda Otto to take 9th place in 9 days, 18 hours, 30 minutes, and 50 seconds.

The story, though, is of the trail in from White Mountain early this morning. “I’ve been nervous before” Pete said to a reporter. “But maybe not as nervous as I was this morning…”

Pete left out after Jessie Royer and Amanda Otto last night just before Midnight. As the three approached the “blowhole,” halfway between White Mountain and Nome, they encountered a severe blizzard. Pete said winds were easily 60mph and he and the Team were struggling to see the trail. As Pete and the Team progressed through the storm they came upon Amanda Otto and her Team. Amanda had put out the lead hook and the team was stopped and curled up trying to hunker down. Pete helped Amanda get going and he could also see Jessie Royer who was out off the trail. “I could see her light and just kept using my headlamp to give her something to focus on,”  Pete related. Finally Jessie caught up with Pete and Amanda and off they made to keep going with Pete leading them through. They were in the storm for about 2 hours before it calmed down and then they had to climb Cape Nome to finally see the lights of Nome.

“As we were in this storm I kept thinking that “I’ll bet it’s calm in Nome”” Pete said. And sure enough as we had our coffee and leisurely made our way to see Pete and Amanda come by, it was cold– But calm!!

Pete said it was one of the worst storms he had been through in his many years on the trail. “It was really something. A Team stopping out in that stuff would surely have to press the Emergency button on their SPOT tracker,” he said.

And with that, it was a short run down front street into the arms of family and friends. Pete arrived just six minutes after Amanda who was so thankful for his help.

After the dogs were bedded down, we all met together to watch Pete wolf down a monster breakfast made by wife Bethany and her mom, Mae. Little Aylee was so happy to be sitting, eating with Daddy.

For us, just listening to the stories gave us more reason to have such awe for Pete, the Team, and all of the other mushers who annually test their training, strategy, and endurance. For us, it’s purely entertainment. For them, sometimes I just don’t know but to say it is truly an accomplishment and celebration of this great sport.

What a great finish!! Go Team Kaiser!!



Iditarod 2024 – Out of Safety – Next Stop Nome

Good Morning Race Fans!

After an exciting night of racing through the “blow holes” and Pete and the Team are now out of Safety and headed for the Finish Line!

Pete left White Mountain after both Amanda Otto and Jessie Royer, Pete and the Team are now running in 8th position.

We are expecting a finish around 9:30am this morning!

Tune into the Insider to catch Team Kaiser Finish this great race!

Go Team Kaiser!

PS- It’s cold outside, so dress warm!!




Iditarod 2024 – Team Kaiser into White Mountain

Good Afternoon Race Fans!

Pete and the Team were into White Mountain at 3:44pm this afternoon in 10th position. For the next 8 hours both Pete and the Team will be able to relax and take a good break before 77 mile run into Nome and the finish line.

Team Kaiser had another good run into the checkpoint with a trail time of 5hrs 50min.

Weather for the afternoon is sunny and clear. Rest well Team Kaiser!!

This Afternoon
Sunny, with a high near -3. Northwest wind around 15 mph.

Clear, with a low around -15. Northwest wind around 15 mph.


Iditarod 2024 – Out of Elim

Good Morning Race Fans!

Pete and the Team are out of Elim this morning at 9:54am. Once again, Team Kaiser is having a great run on the race as we are seeing rest make a huge difference in trail times. Once again, Team Kaiser had the fastest time between Koyuk and Elim with a trail time of 5hrs 45min on the 48 mile run.

This morning Pete and the Team are traveling with Jessie Royer and Amanda Otto as the three make their way on the 46 mile run to White Mountain and an 8 hour mandatory layover.

Weather this morning is again, Cold-Cold-Cold!! It was -17F this morning, but as Richie related last night on Kaiser Racing Radio, they will have work ahead of them as they run through the hills and then onto Golovin Bay. The trail this year is bypassing “Little McKinley,” but it will still be work for the mushers as they traverse this section. Richie related that it’s a tough trail as once they reach the bay, they can be all sweaty from working hard and then have another few hours on the bay,

Ron and I are making estimate for Pete’s arrival into White Mountain and the Finish tomorrow for Team Kaiser.
Team Kaiser Finish Forecast:
Elim to White Mountain- 5:30-6hrs – Arrival 3:30-4:00pm
8 Hour Mandatory Layover
Leave White Mountain 11:30-12:00pm
Pete did the run from White Mountain to the Finish in 9 hours and 15 minutes or so.
That would put Pete into the Finish 8:30-10:00am.

Mushing weather forecast:
Sunny, with a high near -3. Wind chill values as low as -40. North wind around 15 mph.
Clear, with a low around -12. North wind 15 to 20 mph.

Go Team Kaiser!!