2018 Willow 300 – Nik in Amber Lake

Nik was 10th into the Amber Lake checkpoint and out in that position as well. The Team looked outstanding and as Nik hooked each member to the gangline, barking and tails wagging they made out into the early morning.

Pete’s not used to the life of the “Pit Crew!” Up at 4am for a 45 minute drive to meet Nik and clean up after his Team. In this race pit crews are responsible for cleaning up after the Teams in the checkpoints. Raking up the straw and making sure the place is clean and Tidy.

Nik was upbeat as usual and described the trail as “Perfect.”

Just before I started this post, Nicholas Petit crossed the finish line with a great looking team. “This Team has won 1000 miles of racing in the last bit.” It is truly a great looking Team. Congratulations Nicholas!

Here’s a short interview with our Nik in Amber Lake. Go Team Kaiser.

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