18 Willow 300 – Nik in Trapper Creek

Hop on the jet, drive 115 miles up to Trapper Creek and make it there just in time to get a few words from Nik after his 4 hour layover in that checkpoint. After a few hours of sleep, Nik was upbeat as usual and ready to take to the trail for the next section of the race. Trapper Creek is 144 miles from the Starting Line and the halfway point of the race.

It has been cold in the evenings, but that doesn’t ever seem to bother our Norwegian friend. His gentle way with the team and calm cool presence on the trail is improving race by race.

The Team looked really nice and Nik spoke highly of them. “They’re doing great.”

Here are a few photos as he prepared the Team for the Trail. Ron and Pete were there to clean up after him and send him on his way.

Pete, who is a spectator for the first time in his career, said it felt a little strange watching his team come in from the trail. He has been amazed at the checkpoint activity which he rarely, if ever, sees as he is usually seeing the race from the perspective of competitor.

Here is Nik’s Trapper Creek interiew-


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