Pete and the Team Third into Bethel Checkpoint

Richie Diehl into Bethel

It’s been a flurry of fur at the Bethel Checkpoint this morning. Richie Diehl was first into Bethel at 9:35 followed closely by Nic Petit who had been right on their heels, but made a wrong turn and cost them about 15 minutes. Pete and the Team were into Bethel at 10:31 and looked great! The whole family was there to meet him and say hi, they can’t help, but being there is moral support for sure. Even little Aylee was glad to see Daddy!

Local mushers are going excellent in this year’s race. Isaac Underwood has a great looking Team as does Father Alexander Larson. Of the top 5 Teams into Bethel four are local mushers! Well done!

Remarkable is that Alexander Larson has the fastest Tuluksak to Bethel time of the top five by 12 minutes. He has yet to be bested and pulled away from Jeff King.

There will be action in Bethel all day as the Akiak Dash will begin at 2:00pm and the rest of the K300 mushers making their way through.

2019 K300 Champ Matt Failor took a wrong turn on the Gweek which cost him greatly. We’ll see how it plays out, but that may have been is “poptart moment” – Darnit!!

Here’s some of the photos! I have to run down and get Pete leaving the Checkpoint!


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