Bethel Checkpoint Photos

Bethel isn’t the traditional halfway point in the race, so while fans in Bethel normally get to see the Start and the Finish, the real fun of the race is watching Mushers care for their Teams and all of the activity in a checkpoint. A couple of years ago Bethel fans were treated to a similar event when the trail wasn’t safe to travel to Aniak. It was great fun to visit with mushers and watch the activity. This year, with Covid restrictions, fans could still see but had to stay a safe distance away and weren’t allowed into the rest area for the mushers.

It was still a great day with loads of activity and many opportunities to see and snap a few clicks of the goings on.

Of course, I over-clicked (Haha) and have quite a bit to share. In the following gallery see Pete, Father Alexander Larson, Isaac Underwood, Josh Cadzow, and Matt Failor.(a little oops! Sorry Pete! Matt is the 2019 Champ, not last years! Haha!) Speaking of Matt, we got to see the new couple that will always live on in K300 History as Matt proposed on the finish line to his sweety Liz. Okay– All together… Awwe… Haha!

So here is the activity and video of Pete leaving the Checkpoint.

Go Team Kaiser!


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