Into White Mountain – Break Time!


After an epic run in from Koyuk, Pete and the Team were into White Mountain at 18:51 with 11 dogs.

After leaving Koyuk at 6:56am, making their way to Elim, and then chasing Wade Mars into White Mountain, Pete and the Team are more than ready for the 8 hour mandatory layover.

We are looking at a Daylight Finish!! Pete and the Team will be able to return to the trail at 2:51am. The average time between White Mountain and the finish is between 9 and 12 hours and with this Team, I am thinking a finish between 11am and 2pm tomorrow.

For now, it’s break time. The longest Pete and the Team have had since Ruby, more than 300 miles ago and more than 3 days ago.

Go Team Kaiser!

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