Safe and Sound – Fourteenth into Nome

It was an epic run. After leading Kelly Maixner for 75 miles, Pete and the Team were passed just two miles from the Finish Line. We drove out to Cape Nome and saw four lights. It got exciting in a hurry. What we were seeing was Paul Gepbhart, Kelly Maixner, Pete and the Team, and Christian Turner.

It was quite a sight. The Northern Lights were all around us as we saw Pete and the Team get passed only 3 miles from Nome.

We rushed to the Finish Line and cheered Pete and the Team across the Finish Line. Pete was tired and a bit down after the emotional roller coaster. After a quick shower it was off to bed and dreamland.

A recap is necessary after the race, but tonight, Pete and the Team are safe and sound, snuggled asleep.

Here are the photos:



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