Iditarod 23- Three Into Shaktoolik

Good Afternoon Race Fans!

It’s another exciting day on the Iditarod Trail as the top three Teams have checked in to Shaktoolik on Iditarod Sunday.

Ryan Redington checked into the checkpoint at 13:20 with 46 minute lead on Pete and the Team. Pete had a few minutes faster run of 5 hours and 7 minutes which, after looking at the stats for prior years, is pretty much average for the top teams at this point in the race. Richie Diehl just checked in about 3:30 which should put him about 90 minutes behind Team Kaiser.

In Richie’s trail interview he said he was having a tough time figuring out the time change. He took and exactly 5 hour rest instead of 4 at the campsite. I’m hoping he didn’t calculate wrong to put him an hour behind. I love the time change because of the daylight in the evening, but put a sleep deprived musher to figure out what time to leave and hey, it could happen. We will find out later to be sure.

Teams are making their way to catch the top three, but Matt Hall and Kelly Maixner are still 25 miles or so back.

I’m expecting a 4 hour break for Teams here as they have a 50 mile run out over the ice. They and their Teams need to be rested and mentally alert on this run into the wind over the ice. Luckily the forecast is for the winds to subside, which should make it at least palatable. It should be a pretty run in the dusk with the mountains lit up by the sunset.

Go Team Kaiser!!


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