The Race is ON!

Man oh Man! We got ourselves a dogsled race!

If you planned on sleeping, just forget it! Teams are out of Kalskag headed towards a 4 hour layover in Tuluksak. Pete was out in 5th position, but if you look at the statistics, Team Kaiser was second only by a few minutes to Matthew Failor on the enroute time from Aniak to Kalskag. Failor is seeming to still be the Team to beat in this year’s race. He had a bit of rest in Kalskag and his speed is consistent and fast.

Pete is trailing Failor (44min), Holmes (42min), King(29min), and Petit(24min). He departed after dropping 1 dog from Kalskag at 6:06pm.

It’s a 50 mile run to Tuluksak and the 4 hour mandatory health check and stopover.

With Teams so closely packed together we have seen all things happen and rankings change dramatically, but Pete really has his work cut out for him to make it into the top 3.

What a Race! All of the Teams have to be proud of their performances!

Go Team Kaiser! It will be on the edge of our seat for the evening.

Too bad we are going to miss the total eclipse of the sun due to the clouds!!

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