2019 Banquet – Congratulations Matthew Failor

Each year the Bethel Cultural Center becomes the hub of dogsled mushing, arguably there is no other place like it in the world!

Celebrating 40 races and 40 years of dogsled mushing was a beautiful thing. Over and over we heard from long time mushers and mushing legends of how the Kuskokwim area needs to be proud of the traditions that have been kept alive and revitalized by this great race.

There were celebratory words, and some with a loss of words. We said hello to new faces and goodbye to old ones. Jason Pavila, only 15 years old took home his Bogus 150 Championship, but our old friend and mentor, Nels Alexie said goodbye after so many years as the Kuskokwim 300 Race Marshall.

The Kuskokwim now resounds with more and more barking and more and more Teams participating. For now the dream that Myron Angstman had for our region has come to pass. 40 years after an idea spawned on the Iditarod trail, we all are treated to the beset of the best in this great sport.

Jeff King, the winningest K300 Champion said it. Aaron Burmeister said it. Over and over they said it– We need to be proud of this event.

If you talk to Myron Angstman or Bev Hoffman, they will tell you they are still worried. How do we make sure that this tradition stays alive and keeps going for another 40 years?

We are so lucky to have mushers like Pete, Richie, Mike Jr., and now Jason that keep the dream alive. Our job is to help them and make sure that the next generation keeps this alive!

It was a great evening. We welcomed a new face as Champion– Matt Failor, and hope to see all of our friends again next year!

Go Team Kaiser!!

Here are the photos!

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