Headed West to White Mountain at Sunset

Good Evening Race Fans!

As the sun sets on day Day 8 of the 2022 Iditarod, a leader heads for a the burled arches and a flock of Teams head for White Mountain.

After a 4 hour break in Koyuk, Pete and the Team were back on the trail with only 177 miles until they reach those arches themselves.

Arriving at half past 1pm, the Team looked excellent and Pete has to be pleased with their performance. Solidly in 9th position, the break in Skaktoolik didn’t seem to change his standing. Others weren’t so fortunate as some Teams fell back and others caught up and are doing well.

The top 10 this year is an amazing group of Teams as is the next 10 Teams as well. Such beautiful weather for a run into Nome!

Brent Sass looks to be the year’s champion if he can keep the blowhole of wind at bay. The entire Norton Coast is a glow of purple and gold as the sun sets tonight.

Tonight’s mushing weather:

Tonight- Clear. Areas of blowing snow. Lows around 4 below. North winds 15 to 25 mph.
Tuesday- Sunny. Areas of blowing snow. Highs around 8 above. North winds 15 to 25 mph.

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