Final Morning of the Iditarod

Good Morning Race Fans! The Last wake up of the 2022 Iditarod and CONGRATULATIONS to Brent Sass on his first Iditarod Win. Brent and Pete have competed many times in races and in a very close finish of the Kuskokwim 300, had there been another mile of trail, he might have overtaken Pete to win the K300! Many congratulations to a fine team and an amazing race. Brent led much of the way earning virtually all of the trail awards.

It’s been a long trail for Pete and the Team who at this hour are resting nicely on their 8 hour mandatory layover in White Mountain.

Last night’s action was a bit more that our hearts could bear as Pete decided to continue on from Elim put some distance between Team Kaiser and other Teams near him. As we watched, Pete came up on Richie Diehl, Dan Kaduce, and Jesse Holmes. It looked like they might be well matched, but alas the Teams of Kaduce and Holmes are a bit faster and ended up an hour in front of Richie and Pete.

Kaduce had an amazing run into White Mountain with a quick time of 5hrs 26min.

Pete arrived 11 minutes after Richie into the checkpoint at 5:01am. After an 8 hour layover, Pete and the Team will be able to return to the trail at 1:01pm for the final 77 miles of the 2022 Iditarod. Listening to his interview, it is apparent that Mushers are pretty tired and this last section is a welcome sight for all.

Looking at the Leaderboard Dallas Seavey, this year’s second place finisher, made the run from White Mountain in 9 hours and 1 minute. That’s a really fast time, but totally doable. I’d guess that Kaduce and Holmes will match it. If Pete and Richie race for the finish they may have fast times as well. Especially after an 8 hour break. Given all of this action, I’m guessing a Finish for Pete and Richie between 10pm to Midnight tonight.

We will be there to get all of the photos and video for you, so stay tuned to the tracker!!

Go Team Kaiser!


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