Trio Out of Ophir

Good Afternoon Race Fans!

Everything is warming up at this point in the Race. After a cold night on the trail, temperatures must be really warming up as we just saw Richie, Pete, and Joar leave Ophir in the blinding sunlight, but without the parka’s we usually see.

In addition to the mushers and Teams being warmed up, so is the competition! Teams with and without their 8 hour layover are scattered up and down the trail. Our trio of Teams are easily faster then most around them, but there will be jockeying and strategizing from here on out. Everyone has their eye’s on Dallas Seavey who really is in the cat-bird seat at this point. He has a nice lead and will leave McGrath with 8 hours of rest under his belt.

Pete left Ophir with 10 dogs, our favorite Lucy in the lead as usual. The little sparkplug doesn’t stand tall in stature, but she is an amazing leader. As they left she was interested in something or other on the trail and Pete just let her do her thing and within a few seconds, attention was back to the trail and off they went.

It is 41 miles to McGrath where we should see a short break and then our attention will be on tonight’s run into Nikolai and back towards the Alaska Range. Mushers are all wondering what this is going to be like. No one has ever done this in a race, but it is a traditional route in the old days, so though challenging, it isn’t like it’s undoable at all. I’m thinking the Teams that go through in the daylight will have an advantage and I’m thinking that all the front runners will do so.

Hard to imagine, but we are on the downhill swing of the Race. A few more days and it will all be a memory and as Joar said this morning, “Can’t wait for warm weather!”

It should be a real nice afternoon into McGrath with the sun and good trail.

Have fun out there, Mr. Kaiser!

Go Team Kaiser!!

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