McGrath in the Sunshine

Pete left out of Nikolai just before 11 after a 4 hour rest. He’s traveling with Richie Diehl and Joar Leifseth-Ulsom. This isn’t the first race that the trio has raced together and in the blinding sunshine of the warm day, it’s most likely mushing nirvana. It’s a bit warm, but with good friends and a nice day, how could it get better.

McGrath awaits and then it’s the unknown. The traditional Takotna layover is off the table and McGrath is actually about 10 or more miles sooner because of the shorter trail. I actually have no idea of what Pete is thinking for the 24hour layover strategy. Without a coast run, all previous strategies lay in the wastebasket.

Dallas Seavey still leads the race and Pete and Richie will have time added to their layovers as they left near the front of the Starting Line, so it’s hard to see how Teams are stacked up.

It seems a bit early for 24 hour layovers, but as Teams reach McGrath, it will be interesting to see how this next 100 miles shakes out.

Go Team Kaiser!!

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