Good evening Race Fans!

After some considerable thought, here’s what I think is happening on the trail tonight.

I’m thinking that Pete, Richie, and Joar, have come up with a strategy that basically splits the McGrath to Iditarod and back trip into 5 segments.

McGrath to Ophir – 40 miles
Ophir to Moose Creek Cabin – 60 miles
Moose Creek Cabin to Iditarod (No Break) and back to the Cabin – 40 miles
Moose Creek Cabin to Ophir – 60 miles
Ophir to McGrath – 40 miles


So tonight, while many are wondering “What are they doing?” I am thinking they have come up with this plan to split the trail into even segments with good rest points so when they get back to McGrath, they are ready to race for the Finish.

This is a complete unknown in terms of the Nikolai to Rohn to Rainy Pass trail. It is going to take a good fresh Team to go UP through the trail that normally goes DOWN. All of the most challenging portions of the trail TWICE in one race. That’s a challenge.

I’m thinking, with that in the back of their minds, the Trio of trail hardened mushers, Pete, Richie, and Joar, are thinking that this even rest/run schedule will conserve their Teams for the last challenge of the 2021 Iditarod.

We should see them return to the trail very soon and then it’s on to McGrath!

Trail conditions are a question mark given so many Teams traveling through the area, but the cold temps should harden them nicely.

McGrath is reporting -4F temp with a slight wind from the Northeast. Outlook for the morning remains similar.

After 11 previous runs on the Iditarod, this new 2021 trail has to be fun for Pete and other mushers and Teams that have become used to developing strategies over the years on the trail to Nome. This race is certainly much different and has an entirely different flavor. Many mushers have developed and studied the traditional Iditarod Race. The 2021 Iditarod throws all of those strategies out the window and no one really has an advantage in terms of that secret sauce that will bring them to the Finish. Everyone is on equal unknown footing and we are seeing that tonight with mushers doing many different things on the return to Deshka Landing.

One fun thing as well is the amount of meteorites I have been seeing here in Bethel. I’d bet that mushers and Teams are seeing them as well. The light show of the sky should be pretty dramatic tonight

See Ya in the Morning!

Go Team Kaiser!!

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