3 miles and 20 minutes – Holding the Lead

Update- Finish Expected between 10:30 and 11! Don’t want to be late 🙂

What did I miss?? After following Pete and the Team into Tuluksak last night with the Tracker, I went to sleep dreaming about what might be once I awoke. Well here we are with Pete and the Team still holding off Brent Sass as they make their way into what Lee Ryan would call “The Homeland.”

Pete and the Team were into Tuluksak last night at 1:22am with 9 dogs in harness. Brent was quickly in as well 20 minutes laters. After a 4 hour mandatory layover, Teams are back on the trail bound for Bethel. Pete left with all 9 dogs, while Brent dropped 2 and is now down to 8.

At this hour the interval is holding– 2o minutes and 3 miles– 3o miles from the finish. It’s hard to watch as the Tracker will lag now and then, but once it refreshes, Pete still seems to be holding the lead.

Richie and Team Diehl is in quite a struggle for 3rd place as well. They left out of Tuluksak just 3 minutes in front of Jessie Holmes and his Team. Richie and Pete are very close buddies and once again when this is all over they will have great stories to share!

As if it wasn’t exciting enough, basically anything can happen. Pete is holding the cards as he is leading the race, but you never know if Brent is just holding back and waiting to make his move. Last year Brent made up over 30 minutes on Team Kaiser to finish just 8 minutes later for second place. Once again both mushers will leave nothing on the table as the work to Win this race.

I’m expecting a Finish in the 11:00 hour this morning, so get all your warm gear ready. The wind has kicked up and temperatures are still very cold (-29) with windchills of below -50. Be careful out there!

It’s going to be a shootout in the wild, wild, West, the 2017 Kuskokwim 300. So make some coffee, rub those eyes, and let’s give a collective cheer for Pete and the Team– Go Team Kaiser!


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