Relaxing at Home – Kaiser One to Bethel

A day after arriving into Nome after 1000 miles, Team Kaiser was whisked away by Ryan Air to their dog yard in Bethel. While all flights out of Nome were full for humans, our animal friends got priority treatment as Kaiser One, headed for Bethel. (Whenever our Team is on a Ryan Flight, just like the President, it becomes Kaiser One πŸ™‚ )

Thanks to Ryan Air for the swift service! Each year we watch all of the Teams work their logistics and smile a bit because Lee, Boyuk, and all of the Ryan Crew have it all handled for us. We can’t express how fortunate we feel to have this last part of the Iditarod fully under control.

Thanks Ryan Air for all you do for Kaiser Racing Kennel!

Here is the video we made a couple of years ago, in case you missed it, of the trip home!

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