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  1. William says:

    Hi I’m in 5th grade and I picked you as a musher in my school project. We have sleds that we move daily to see what place you’re in. Hope you win!!!!

  2. Kyle says:

    Your my musher. MUSH! MUSH! MUSH!

  3. Hailee says:

    I picked you for a musher.. I really hope you win… if you do I get 20 bucks!

  4. Sam Morgen says:

    Dear Peter – I am so happy that you got in 10th place. I am keeping track of you with my class from my school in Swampscott MA. I have learned that this is your 4th race and you are 25. Good Luck – from Sam

  5. Phillip says:

    I’m in third grade in Maryland and I want to tell you that the teachers assigned us people and she picked you and we are doing a project and have to write stuff about you and I want to tell you that you should have a fun time. I love huskies and I hope you win! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  6. Whitney says:

    I picked you as a musher for a school project! I have to keep track of the race and get information about you, also have to make a powerpoint on you and the other mushers I picked! Hope you do great! Have a amazing time racing! 🙂

  7. Martin says:

    Hi. I’ve been following your race and I am so excited that you are in 5th place. I know you would like to be in first place, but I still think you did great. I think you and your dogs rock!

  8. Chersea says:

    I also picked you as a musher i hope u win too u doing good so far – Chersea 6th grade Missouri

  9. Samuel Moran says:

    Hello! I am in first grade and we are learning about the Iditarod! I picked you as my musher to follow!!! I hope you win! Good luck!!! Samuel (Lake Orion, MI – Orion Oaks Elementary)

  10. Ally says:

    I picked you for a musher at school me and my group have to do biography and keep track of you and I gotta find pics and make a poster and if you win or get close we get a free breakfast yay;)

  11. Kaytlan says:

    I picked you for a musher I HOPE YOU WINN !!! 🙂

  12. alexhuettl says:

    i hope u win

  13. alexhuettl says:

    i picked u for a musher

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