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While I continue to edit, here’s a teaser:

2016 Kuskokwim 300 Champion – Peter Kaiser


Sitting having breakfast with the Kaisers, Janet and Ron, listening to Josh Cadzow, Richie Diehl, and Pete Kaiser regale each other with locker room tales from the trail was a fun way to tie up the 2016 Kuskokwim 300. The young men, laughing and joking, compadres from the trail speaking in musher language we hardly can understand, was background noise to a football game on TV and yummy food prepared by friends. It is this that makes the work and perseverance worth it.

Pete looks tired with his son in his arms sitting in his Mom, Janet’s, rocking chair. But he is relaxed and content- Home again after a successful run on the trail. Win or not, it is the finish that is the goal. It was a tough trail and the men joking and laughing puts an exclamation point on the weekend. Fun is what truly drives them.

Here are the photos from Pete’s finish. Go Team Kaiser!!

I Repeat… Pete Repeats!

A tired Pete Kaiser and his Team of 7 dogs arrived to re-claim the 2016 Kuskokwim 300 Championship. Arriving just 8 minutes in front of Brent Sass who was gaining on him on the run from Tuluksak to Bethel, Pete and the Team looked tired but content that the contest is over.

“It was not easy.” Pete said about the race. “The run from Aniak to Kalskag was especially tough.”

Pete Kaiser wins for the second time in a row, Pete crossed the Finish Line to a great crowd of spectators who cheered on only the third time in the 37th running of the the race.

We will have more later, but we are celebrating at Kaiser Racing Headquarters with family and friends.

Photos and Video to follow. Go Team Kaiser!!

Good Morning America!


Good Morning Race Fans across America! Thanks for tuning in this morning!! Go Team Kaiser!

Time to Gear Up and head down to the Finish!

Pete and the Team are holding their own at this point and are about one hour from the Finish. Come on down and Join us to Cheer on this Great Race!! Listen Live if you cannot make it.

20 miles to go!


The “Back Trail” is an old wood cutting and hunting trail that Pete has traveled for many years. After a short journey across the Gweek river, it is the “Back Trail” that will lead Pete and the Team towards Bethel, a warm bed, his waiting family and friends, and the Finish Line.

It is looking positive for the Team, but in Dog Sled Mushing nothing is for certain until the first paws cross the Finish Line. As we have seen so many times, there are always unknown challenges and Pete won’t feel confidence until he sees the lights of Bethel in sight and the cheer of the crowd as he and the Team cross the Finish Line.

At this point in the race it there are still games to be played. Mushers will run with their lights off and sneak up on the leader if he isn’t careful.

The big race to watch right now is between Joar Leifseth-Ulsom and Brent Sass. They are neck and neck and it is going to be fun to see who wins the battle.

Presently Pete has about a 4 mile lead on Joar followed by Brent a mile back. Richie Diehl is holding 4th and Josh Cadzow in 5th. The “Young Guns” have made their mark on this race as Brent is the “Old Man” of the five, at 36 years old, and the remaining mushers under 30 years old. Fun to see the younger generation not only involved, but showing great success and dedication!

Currently in Bethel the winds have subsided a bit to 20mph and the temperature is a balmy 13 degrees.

It is looking like about 2 hours from now, or between 10:30 and 11:00am for the Finish, so put the DVR on to record the Mighty Seahawks, and head on down to the Finish Line to Cheer on Team Kaiser!

Go Team Kaiser!

A Personal Thanks from Pete.

Off for the Finish!



Good Morning Race Fans!

After arriving with a 34 minute lead and taking his mandatory 4 hour break, Pete has taken the Team back to the trail for the 53 mile run to the Finish! After dropping 2 more dogs, Team Kaiser is now 7 dogs and their fearless driver, Pete Kaiser!!

Pete arrived into Tuluksak 34 minutes in front of Joar Leifseth-Ulsom after carrying a dog down from Kalskag at 1:17am. He is out of Tuluksak exactly 4 hours later at 5:17am. Joar is also out after his layover at 5:51 with 6 dogs as is Brent Sass  with 9 dogs, who is just 11 minutes behind Joar.

This is going to be an exciting finish for sure with just a 30 minute separation anything could happen! Pete made the run from Tuluksak to Bethel, last year, in 4 Hours 53 Minutes, which if conditions are similar, or perhaps better, a finish just after 10am this morning. So get your coffee, or just a few more winks and let’s meet down at the Finish Line to cheer on Team Kaiser!!

2016 K300 Finish Weather:

444 AM AKST SUN JAN 17 2016

WIND 15 TO 25 MPH.

Go Team Kaiser!