Pete into Rainy Pass

Pete made it into Rainy Pass at 5:36 pm. He made it from the Finger Lake Checkpoint in 4 hours. The next stretch of the trail can be a bit treacherous, so I imagine he may take a break here. The trail has been pretty soft according to Iditarod reports. Weather shows a band of precipitation overtaking the mushers.

According to Bruce Lee, Iditarod’s reporter, “It’s snowing hard enough that the aircraft is grounded here at Finger Lake but the teams are still moving up the trail. Most mushers reported soft trail conditions that slowed their planned travel time here and threw a few mushers off their game plan. Some rested at Finger Lake when their original plan was to go further up the trail before resting. For the mushers towards the back of the field, the trail conditions seem no worse or better than the lead pack’s.”

Pete was the 34th musher to reach Rainy Pass. The Iditarod site will show mushers ahead or behind based on when they leave a checkpoint. Arrivals are more important as they tell how a musher is doing. 34th is GREAT!! That means he has moved forward in the standings and is doing a very nice job. He was the 5th of 20 rookies to arrive.

Way to GO!!!

Morning Update- In and Out of Skwentna

Pete made it into Skwentna early this morning at 3:17am. He arrived right after another local musher, Mike Williams Jr. They are both back on the trail onward to Finger Lake. Iditarod doesn’t have his out time at Yentna, so we don’t have any statistics for this stretch of the trail. Weather conditions presently at that section of the trail are 7 degrees and light snow.

Pete Kaiser- IN- 03:17am OUT- 03:24am DOGS- 16

Iditarod Tracker shows him about 10 miles out of the Skwentna checkpoint. Skwentna is mile 194 (The mileages are a bit skewed because they count race miles from Anchorage)  It is 86 miles from the Willow restart. Finger Lake is 30 miles from Skwentna.

Skwentna Checkpoint in the Daylight

Finger Lake Checkpoint

Into Yentna

Pete made it to Yentna at 8:15pm. His time over the stretch was 4 hours 5 minutes at an average of right at 11mph.

The Willow to Yentna stretch is 52 Miles. (About the same as the Bethel to Tuluksak Run on the Kuskokwim 300)

Next Checkpoint is Skwentna- 34 Miles.
After that will be Finger Lake (45 Miles) and Rainy Pass (30 Miles). 109 miles for the next stretch for tonight.

At his Average speed of about 11mph which may slow a bit, I anticipate him into Rainy Pass around lunch tomorrow.
(Just in time for a burger???) In any case Luck to Peter for the evening and safe travels. Weather looks just beautiful for a night run. 14 degrees and clear visibility with light winds.

It looks like he is taking a little break at Yentna. Give the dogs a bit of a snack and get one himself. Onward Mr. Kaiser!

Trail Descriptions-
Yentna to Skwentna
Skwentna to Finger Lake
Finger Lake to Rainy Pass

Yentna Checkpoint Ahead

The trail that Pete is on right now is on the Yentna River. He is approaching the Yentna Checkpoint, approximately 40 miles from the Starting Line. The fastest time from Willow to Yentna so far has been 3:20 by Jim Lanier. Yentna is the white dot on the picture below. Pete is #67

Pete Kaiser is on his way to Nome!

Current Position

Pete's Current Position

Pete Kaiser is on his way to Nome. He left just after 4pm today in front of a crowd of spectators in Willow, AK. He is starting at the end of the pack, so he has a bit of a trench to follow as the trail gets a bit scraped out as the 66 previous teams have gone before him. Temperatures have cooled some, so that will be a plus. It was a bit too warm for the last few days. Apparently the trail past Rainy Pass in the Puntilla Lake area is pretty deep snow. Trail crews are working on it presently.

Pete’s team looked real good and were raring to go! A video will be posted shortly.

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