Know anyone in White Mountain or Elim??

If you know anyone in White Mountain or Elim, Let me know!! I need a Cub Reporter!! Nikki said she is going to try to get  a quick trip over to Safety when the time comes. The trail photos have been awesome!! Thanks for all of the Support! Pete won’t believe it when he sees it! We made it 82 Member today! Awesome!!

Bound for Elim

Pete and the Team were out of Koyuk at 18:31pm bound for Elim. He didn’t drop any dogs so he is running with 11 dogs. Thomas Lesatz left just before him at 18:30.

This stretch of the trail is 48 miles. Probably a short break and then off to White Mountain. The total trip is close to 100 miles, so I figure he will split it with a rest period. That means 12:30 – 1:30am for Elim, but most mushers are making a push for White Mountain with little rest in Elim.  Dallas Seavey left Koyuk last night at 5:30pm and arrived in White Mountain this morning at 7:30 this morning. If Pete makes similar time, he should be into White Mountain by tomorrow morning. A look at other musher time shows similar results- 12 hours or so from Koyuk to White Mountain.

Trail Description–

-From Don Bowers

This leg always seems longer than it is. Plan on five to seven hours, more if the wind is blowing. The trail follows the main snowmachine trail to Elim and is usually well marked. However, the wind can blow hard in the Moses Point area and the trail can drift over very quickly. From Koyuk, the trail runs southwest just offshore on the sea ice for about 12 miles and then cuts inland to the west across the wooded peninsula behind Bald Head, a prominent cape.

Ten miles later the trail crosses the mouth of the Kwik River, makes a three mile overland run along the dune line, and then jumps two miles across Kwiniuk Inlet to Moses Point. It then runs along a narrow spit and across some tidelands for about 11 miles to the old Moses Point FAA station, now abandoned. From there, the trail usually follows a nine-mile unplowed state highway up and over the heavily forested bluffs and down into Elim.

Weather Conditions:
Koyuk, Alaska (Airport)
Updated: 8:16 PM AKDT on March 16, 2010
Clear     19 °F
Windchill:     19 °F
Humidity:     28%
Dew Point:     -9 °F
Wind:     Calm
Pressure:     30.21 in (Rising)
Visibility:     10.0 miles

Trail Photos Ahead- Koyuk to Elim

Mackey Wins!

Hans Gatt 2nd Place

Gatt at Finish Line

Man- I never thought it would happen so fast!

I was rushing home, but alas, not in time!!

Lance Mackey- First Four Time in a Row Winner NOME- IN-14:59 DOGS-11

2nd Fastest Time on Record 8 Days 23 Hrs 59 minutes 9 Seconds

For winning the Iditarod, Lance Mackey gets a new Dodge truck and $50,400.

Congratulations to a Great Champion!

No Photos from the Finish, but let’s look at last years Winning Photo:

The Race for 31st Place- Into Koyuk

Pete and the Team reached Koyuk at 12:59pm with 11 dogs. He reached the checkpoint 3 minutes in front of Musher Lesatz who he has been running with since Kaltag. They are neck and neck race fans!! They both made real good time and posted an average speed of almost 8mph for the stretch. Anticipate a break for the run to Elim. Temperatures are pretty warm and they’ll want to travel when it is cool.

Current Weather:
Koyuk, Alaska (Airport)
Updated: 27 min 35 sec ago
Clear     19 °F
Windchill:     19 °F
Humidity:     30%
Dew Point:     -8 °F
Wind:     Calm
Pressure:     30.20 in (Rising)
Visibility:     10.0 miles

Closing on Koyuk

Pete and the Team are about 6-7 mile from Koyuk by GPS, but I am unsure how far that is from the actual checkpoint. They are almost across the Sound and will be heading for the Koyuk Checkpoint shortly. I anticipate them into Koyuk in an hour or so. I imagine they will break and then head for Elim. That puts them into Elim this evening.