Kaiser Kam – Nome

Thanks to Bob Madden, Team Kaiser Host in Nome for the Cam! Updates every 10 seconds.

Your Help Makes this Possible! Help keep this online Next Year and Cover costs this year!

Your Donations are appreciated! In Comments Please Indicate Cam Donation

All Donations go to support Bandwidth costs for Bob in Nome!


Your Help Makes this Possible! Thank-You!


Thanks for your support! Thanks again Bob Madden – Polar Impressions!


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  1. Ann Williams says:

    Thank you again this year for the webcam covering the finish on Front Street. It is always the most reliable view to the excitement in Nome and we really appreciate it. I will look for it again next year. Good Luck and Godspeed during the coming year.

  2. Ann Williams says:

    Thank you again this year for providing the finish webcam. It always proves to be the most reliable view to the excitement in Nome. Will be looking for you in next year’s race. Godspeed through the next year. Thanks again

  3. Marlys Sauer says:

    How do we donate for next year to ensure bandwidth? ID has tried but this cam has done the job!

  4. Patt Perry says:

    Thank you so much for this webcam coverage in Nome. It is always exciting and emotional to see the dogs and mushers arrive after their journey to the Iditarod finish line. Love your website and videos too. Wishing you all the best. Till next year have fun mushing…………..we all appreciate this webcam.
    Peace and Happiness to you all. Mush Onward and smiles and tail wags.

  5. Jenny Hutchins says:

    Thank you so much for a great webcam finish.

  6. Penny Morse says:

    Thank you so much for once again providing us this fabulous view of the finish. I sincerely appreciate that you have the camera locked down.

  7. Derek Lash says:

    Hope to see this cam next year, even if it requires a small subscription!

  8. Please never disconnect this cam!, I want to see Nome all the year!!!

  9. A.m. Warnke says:

    What do I need to do to get this working on my back that was new fall of 2011.

    • Lead Dog says:

      The cam works better locked down so more folks have an opportunity to view it. When it is controllable, it is less reliable for folks and often important events are missed. It is far better to have a locked down image than one that is moving and/or locked onto something that is unimportant (Red Shingles)

  10. Merri Leber-Perrone says:

    Tell me that this cam and the others will be back next year. Willing to do a donation to keep it. AWESOME job.

  11. Michael DeMarco says:

    Waiting for the last tow mushers to cross the line. It’s 3:17 AM here on the Olympic Peninsula. Thanks for this great link to the camera. Grangratulations to Pete for a great race and winning the 4 wheeler!

  12. Lisa Lechner says:

    CONGRATS on WINNING THE 4 WHEELER PETER!!! U and KAISER RACING “totally deserved” to WIN that 4 Wheeler!!! THANKS SO MUCH KAISER RACING and BOB MADDEN for the KAISER KAM!!! U really made us feel like WE were RIGHT THERE at the ARCH in NOME!!!


  13. Thank you Bob Madden for the Kaiser Cam. Would be happy to help pay for this cam next year. Appreciate it so much.

  14. Janine says:

    I just donated to your Kaiser Cam – others should too!!!

  15. Patricia Toups says:

    Thank you so much for allowing us to share these special moments !

  16. Marty Hamilton says:

    Congratulations on your race, and thanks for the cam. I will be more than happy to pay a fee to subscribe next year.

  17. Pauline Bray says:

    Thanks so much for Kaiser Kam, wish I’d had heard of it earlier than just before the last few finshers but the view was sooo much better, clearer and more colorful. I’ll gladly contribute now and in the future to keep this up and running for future races. Thanks again.

  18. Joyce in Oklahoma says:

    A huge THANK YOU Kaiser Kennels for this amazing, awesome cam!!

  19. Chris says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing your NomeCam!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kay says:

    Really a beautiful sight although the town is sleeping now—-just waiting for the Red Lantern sled–TY from Illinois

  21. Sam says:

    Thank you once again for the Kaiser cam this year. I had lost the link from last year and only got the link late in the race. I’m happy to donate towards bandwidth for next year as this is the clearest and most successful webcam. Please keep helping all the fans by keeping this wonderful cam operating it is extremely appreciated. Thanks from the Musherholics of Western Australia x

  22. Peggy hALEY says:

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  23. Rhonda Hansen says:

    I’d just like to express my thanks for your video coverage of The Burled Arch. I was so frustrated with the other cams that I’d given up watching before I found out about this cam, you’ve made watching “my” team (Karen Ramstead & her Pretty Sled Dogs) infinitely more exciting and fulfilling. You ROCK!!!

  24. Gretchen/fladogfan says:

    OH hooray it’s BACK and so clear!!!! Thank you!

    • Lead Dog says:

      That’s FunNY!! Ha ha!!

    • Lead Dog says:

      Thursday, April 1, 2010

      Poem: Those Darn Pink Shingles (Dedicated to the Nome Cam)

      This year, through the wonders of the internet, Iditarod fans were able to access a camera on Front Street in Nome, Alaska, to watch the finishers of the race. Not only could we access it, but we could actually steer it. This caused much frustration at times, especially because if we steered it too far, all we saw were pink shingles on a building in Nome.

      When a favorite musher was due to finish, the fans would gather in a chatroom to fellowship while we waited. But while we chatted and snacked, often we’d end up yelling at the computer because some incompetent camera operator (who sometimes was yours truly) would turn the camera to face “those darn pink shingles.”

      So in honor of those shingles, I wrote a poem:

      Those Darn Pink Shingles

      We’ve got the Nome cam, the gang’s all here,
      With plenty of cookies, brownies and beer,
      Tea and lemonade, pretzels and Pringles,
      But all we can see are those darn pink shingles.

      How can I see all the users in chat?
      Just click the little man, can you see that?
      I don’t have a man, does that mean I’m single?
      Oh, no! Now the cam’s on those darn pink shingles.

      Look under the arch, see the big mob.
      Now gee the camera, that’s a good job.
      A musher is coming, I’m starting to tingle.
      Aargh! Move the cam off those darn pink shingles.

      Look down the street. Is the dog team in sight?
      I think I see them. All right! All right!
      I can hear the dogs panting, can hear the tags jingle.
      But now all I see are those darn pink shingles.

      Who’s that leaning against the burled arch?
      Is that Lance or Libby or Paul Gebhardt?
      Look at the mushers and fans, how they mingle
      But now all we see are those darn pink shingles.

      Posted by Marcia C at 7:09 PM

  25. penny morse says:

    Thank you so much for activating this cam. I would be more than happy to pay a reasonable subscription fee IF you promise to lock it down. I wouldn’t be happy if I paid to look at pink shingles-it was bad enough viewing them for free last year LOL! Again, thanks for allowing us this wonderful view-From Nome all the way across the country to Massachusetts.

  26. Pat says:

    Thanks so much for making this video cam available so we could watch “our” team (Karen Ramstead and her Pretty Sled Dogs) come across the finish line!!

  27. Laura says:

    Thank you for an AMAZING view of the Iditarod Finish!!! It let us cheer our favorite teams all the way to the end.

  28. Just awesome! Thank you!

  29. Pat Kingsley says:

    You are the Rock God of Web cams!
    Thank you for your coverage.

  30. Marcia says:

    I LOVE this cam. I would definitely be willing to pay a small subscription for this cam, and I know a lot of other people on a list who would too. It’s the best cam, and it is definitely worth it.

  31. ShannaKN says:

    Thanks A MILLION for sharing your camera! Nuff said about the others (epic fail), but yours? Sensational!! Thanks SOOOOO much! (& may I just add … Go PCTs!!)

  32. Fiona Callison says:

    Thank you! Can’t believe I can get this clear a view from Scotland!

  33. Cindy Alldredge says:

    Thanks for the Kaiser Kam. I like it so much. We will be glad to help pay for bandwidth next year.

  34. joated says:

    BTW Congratulations to Pete for a fine race!

  35. joated says:

    Thanks guys! Best access for those of us wishing to see ALL the mushers come in LIVE! Really appreciate it!

  36. Patricia in Texas says:

    I’d be happy to help support this cam; I watched it year-round and was really sorry to see it go black some months back. But please lock it down during the race. We spent too much time last year looking at the red shingles.

  37. Ed Yallop says:

    Hank DeBruin is about to cross the finish line,my hat is off to you sir.

  38. Jill-ski says:

    THANK YOU FOR TURNING ON YOUR CAM for us to see CLEARLY the end of the Iditarod Race. Did you hear us FREEKING OUT when the other cams were not working this morning????

  39. Kris Hansell says:

    THANK you, this cam is AMAZING and awesome and perfectly perfect!!!!!

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