Calling ALL Unalakleeters!!

Hey Race Fans! Know someone in Unalakleet? Get them to the checkpoint when Pete comes through so we can get some photos!! Movies are also great!

Spring Forward Reminder

We lose an hour of sleep and gain an hour of play after work!!
Turn your clocks forward tonight!

Update your Avatars

Last year an unexpected, but fun thing happened that was totally unplanned. Each registered member of the Kaiser Team can have an Avatar (Small Picture) listed.

What happened was that folks used THEIR dog as the Avatar. It was pretty cool to see everyone’s dog and see the ‘Team’ of dogs.

If you have a animal at home- Use a photo as the Avatar. (Humor Me!!)

Know anyone in White Mountain or Elim??

If you know anyone in White Mountain or Elim, Let me know!! I need a Cub Reporter!! Nikki said she is going to try to get  a quick trip over to Safety when the time comes. The trail photos have been awesome!! Thanks for all of the Support! Pete won’t believe it when he sees it! We made it 82 Member today! Awesome!!

Yay Team Kaiser

We are up to 66 members! Still hoping for 100 before Pete and the Team cross the line!!

Thank-you WEB Visitors!

A big thank-you to everyone participating in Pete’s Website. In just over a week the movement has grown to 42 members and visitors from all over! See the Stat’s below!

Photographers and Cub Reporters NEEDED!!!

Spoke with Grant Fairbanks today. He’s headed to McGrath to meet and greet Pete at the Checkpoint. He is taking a camera and will be sending a report from McGrath. If you know anyone along the trail that can stop and say hi to Pete and get a photo and a bit of news– We can use it!

Send them my way at or! Thanks for supporting the effort!!

Become a Member!!

Register for an account today (FREE) and cheer Pete on at the Fan Page.

The race starts Saturday, so don’t delay!!

C’mon! Join the fun!!