Nice Run Team Kaiser!


10 hours and 20 minutes from Galena to Huslia – 82 miles into the land of the Koyukon- Nice Run!

Pete and the Team arrived into the half-way checkpoint at 10:14pm and will take a good break before heading back towards the Yukon River.

The next stretch of trail follows the Koyukon river down to Koyukuk and then down to Nulato. Once in Nulato, the Iditarod will be on the same trail as a Northern Route trail.

I expect to see Pete and the Team on the trail in the morning, but first I would imagine he will take advantage of some of the great Moose soup and other goodies cooked up for mushers in Huslia.

Go Team Kaiser!

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Video – 2015 Iditarod Ceremonial Start – Go Team Kaiser!

Thanks to everyone for their support and showing up in the rain. Lee Ryan, You are excused 🙂

Next Stop- Fairbanks! Tomorrow morning at zero-dark-thirty (Even earlier now that it is time change weekend) Team Kaiser will be taking the Parks Highway, along with more than 70 other Teams, on the road to the Restart on Monday Morning.

Stay tuned for another batch of photos and video before we get to the task of following our favorite Team on the trail to Nome (Virtually of course!) I, for one, am very excited that we will be able to see Pete and the Team in the first checkpoint of Nenana, so Monday will prove to be a busy day.

Go Team Kaiser!