Buser is back on the Trail

GPS show Martin Buser out of Takotna. By tomorrow morning when we all wake up, the race will take on a new meaning with the next big task of making Unalakleet before this beautiful weather breaks. It’s going to be a good one folks!!

The train between Takotna and Ophir is 25 miles. Then it’s off on the longest leg of the Southern Route. It will be a long 90 miles through the hills and valleys from Ophir into the Iditarod valley.

A couple of new pages for the Race Fans-

Meet the Team – A quick look at the canine members of Team Kaiser.

Mushing 101– A quick look at a dog team.

See Ya in the Morning!!

Team Kaiser Photo

Teams are getting ready to go in Takotna at this hour. Starting time adjustments will allow different mushers to leave soon. Pete has a bit longer to rest before it’s time to hit the trail. Conditions have been OUTSTANDING weather-wise. I was flying this evening in the Bethel area and you could see for miles and miles.

Team Kaiser 2011 is going to be on the trail soon race fans!!

Team Kaiser 2011