Mike Williams – 11th Place 2014 Iditarod!


The Trio is now a Couple!

Mike Williams crossed the Finish Line at 2:50am in Nome to claim 11th place in the 2014 Iditarod. His Stats for the Race-

Finish – 02:50:02 – 8 Dogs – Elapsed Time 9d 11h 50m 2s – Average Speed 4.23mph

Here is his Finish Interview-

Mike and Team Williams into Unalakleet

Mike Jr. arrived into Unalakleet at 12:46pm after an 11hour 15 minute run over the Portage with 8 dogs.

Go Team Williams!

UPDATE- Who knows who is in the lead at this point- Tracker shows either one ahead at any given time!

In news at the Front, Jeff King scaled back his sled and is now battling Aliye Zirkle for the lead. The trail looks pretty hard with little snow and lots of glare ice. The wind is pretty strong and Teams are headed right into it.

Here’s one of Sebastian Schnuelle‘s photos of Martin out of Shaktoolik this morning:


Mike Williams Jr. into McGrath – Aaron Wins Halfway Prize!


This Morning in Nikolai

At this hour Mike Jr. is into the McGrath Checkpoint. His time is going to be pretty close to other musher’s across the run in about 5 hours 30 minutes or so.

I’m expecting a break here and then probably on to Takotna and Ophir. With his 24 complete, he will begin to revert to a schedule that works well for his Team. It could be a 6/4 or something similar. The runs tonight are fairly long as he turns North for Ruby this evening with the Ophir to Cripple run the second longest of the race.

Speaking of LONG! There is talk of Sonny Lindner possibly heading all the way to Ruby for his 24 hour break. That would be a pretty long run, but the weather and trail are exceptional. Stay tuned- They are all keeping us guessing!

Congratulations to our Host Aaron Burmeister for winning the half way prize in Cripple! Go Aaron!!

I’ll update weather shortly as we get new forecasts at 4pm.

Good Job Qam!


Mikes dog, Flash

Mike Williams Jr. – Rested and On the Trail

Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Mike in an earlier race headed down the trail.

Mike Williams Jr. is back on the Iditarod Trail. Mike and his Team left Nikolai this morning at 10:18 with 10 dogs in harness. He has completed his mandatory 24 hour layover as well as his differential time. Time is added to a musher’s layover based on the Team’s Start position. The last Team will have no differential, while the first teams will have time added so that all mushers times are equal after the layover.

Mike will be the only Kusko Trio Team out on the Trail today as Richie and Pete are taking their 24 today in Takotna. Have Fun Mike!!



Mushing Weather for Today:

1131 AM AKST WED MAR 5 2014


Mike Jr. in Nikolai for his 24 – Unharmed after the Journey from Rohn


Learning from KNOM.org that Mike Williams Jr. is taking his 24 in Nikolai. Get a good rest Mike!

Click Here to Read the KNOM Article


Listen to his Interview Here!

The Story of the Night – Mike Williams Jr. – 2012 8th Place Finisher

Sorry Folks! After an entire day of photos, I finally gave out. But not before staying around to see Mike Williams Jr. almost catch Mitch Seavey into the Finish Line. Mike Jr. left White Mountain almost 3 hours after John Baker and Mitch Seavey. By Safety Mike and his Team had closed the gap to less than 30 minutes. As Mitch Seavey crossed finish line, there was Mike Jr. less than 90 seconds behind. It was a truly great effort and Mike’s 8th place finish is truly one to savor. Had there been another mile in the race, I think Mike would have passed him. In the end, Mike Williams Jr. comes in 8th place and his family’s best yet.

Mike’s Mom and Dad, Mike Sr. and Maggie, were visibly proud with tears in their eyes as he crossed the line. Team Kaiser congratulates Mike for an epic run. Go Team Williams!!

Mike Williams Jr. – 8th Place 2012 Iditarod Finisher – 9Days 13Hours 12Minutes 18Seconds – Fastest Team Safety to Nome – Finishing with 12 Dogs.

Here are Mike’s Finish Photos-

Mike Jr. into Koyuk in 10th!

Mike Williams Jr. is roaring up the trail. Last night his dogs looked great in Unalakleet.

In at 13:51 with 12 dogs just a couple of minutes before Dee Dee Jonrowe.

What a Great Race Mike is having! Go Mike Williams!

Pete is having a hard time time gaining on Ramey Smythe at this stretch, though both mushers are gaining on Aaron Burmeister whose team is just crawling at about 5mph.

Pete and Rayme seem evenly matched, so we will just have to wait and see…

Mike Williams Jr. Update

With all of the activity, I haven’t forgotten Mike Williams Jr. It seems the major news organizations are really tied to the Zirkle – Seavey show up front and haven’t given alot of coverage to anyone back in the pack. As such, I can only go off the checkpoints and times.

Mike Jr. is having a real nice race. His times are very respectable.

Presently Mike Jr. is in 13th place and resting in Nulato.

He arrived at 12:58:00 with 14 dogs. His trail time of  5h 53m puts him in the top 25 speed wise. I hope to have more on him and I’ll share it as soon as I have it.

Good Luck Mike! See Ya down the trail!