Mackey leaves Kaltag with no Stop

Jeff King reached Kaltag about 45 minutes before Lance Mackey, but Mackey has decided to stay on the trail while King rests in Kaltag. This should prove exciting. It is an interesting strategy and this might be the deal maker/breaker for both mushers.

Meanwhile back in our neck of the woods, Pete  reached Galena about 30 minutes ago.

Weather in the area is typical for this time of year when not under the influence of storm activity. Very Cold nights, but Sunny days that warm the air dramatically. Long range forecast should be fairly similar weather as the State of Alaska is under the influence of two very large air masses that are not moving. There is a low in the Gulf of Alaska, but it appears not to be causing any dramatic changes for the area short term.

Current Weather- Galena, Alaska (Airport)
Updated: 1:58 PM AKST on March 13, 2010
-5 °F Clear
Windchill:     -19 °F
Humidity:     54%
Dew Point:     -18 °F
Wind:     7 mph Variable
Pressure:     29.73 in (Steady)
Visibility:     10.0 miles

Mostly clear. Lows 25 below to 35 below. Light winds. Partly Cloudy.
Mostly sunny. Highs 5 below to 5 above. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

Current Iditarod Status Race Leader to Cripple:

Excitement heats up at the Front!

Jeff King is into Kaltag and hot on his heels are Lance Mackey and Hugh Neff.

King was into Kaltag at 11:42am today and Lance Mackey is about an hour behind him. Mackey left Nulato a minute ahead of Neff and the two are pretty close to each other. Neff is about 1/2 mile behind Mackey.

I’ll bet King doesn’t sleep until Nome!!!

Meanwhile, Pete is about 6 miles from Galena. I just spoke to a guy up there who is going to be at the checkpoint and send us the photos.

King- #15  Mackey- #49 Neff- #56