Mayan Cheers from the Sideline!

From Bethany-

Here is a picture of Pete’s retired leader Mayan. She was his leader in his very first Iditarod. She has been busy tracking and watching all the insider videos with me. She came out to Wasilla with us and got to visit with all her old friends. She was happy to be with the team again for a short while and misses them all. She wishes them the best of luck! 🙂

Fan Fotos from Nebraska – Go Team Kaiser!

This was taken in front of our church. St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox Church, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We are (from left to right):
Top Row: Myself (Marcia Claesson, a die-hard mushing fan), Our priest, Father James Dank, Effa Hill, who is Pete’s aunt’s sister-in-law.

Front: Effa’s two boys, Haden and Nathan


New Website Section – Fan Fotos! Send us photos of YOU!!

Former Bethel Cheerleader Carolyn Moses and her clan were at the finish of the K300 to cheer on Pete and the Team and wanted me to post these photos to cheer him on!

That’s a great idea! Take a photo of yourself and make a sign if you would like. Send it to me and I’ll setup a new section called Fan Fotos! What a fun way to kick off the race! If you are at the start or along the trail! Or if you are out of State (Lillian???) Take a photo of YOU and send it my way! (And don’t forget to include your dog if you have one!) is my eMail.

Go Team Kaiser!!