Audio – As the Last Mushers Arrive – 2012 Iditarod is Officially Over!

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Listen to the Nome Siren. When a team gets to within 2 miles of Nome, the siren is sounded.  Each musher gets this honor and it signifies the end is near and also tells everyone in Nome to head down to the Finish Line to cheer on the musher.

What a Great Race! I was honored to be a small part of it as we journeyed across the State with Pete and the Team! — John Wallace, Web Guy.

Deja Vu?? Is this a repeat of 2010? Interesting Video

(Update- This is a 2010 Video) This video is from 2010 Iditarod in Nulato. It gives a pretty good perspective into what may be evolving in this years race. As you listen to Dallas Seavey in this piece, you can think that Pete may be thinking the same things…. And conditions are pretty much the same this year. Light winds and a sunny day. The names have changed from last year, but it may be similar. I hope you find it interesting.

Fan Fotos – Cingumaarput Nacuk!

This is Cingarkaq Wallace’s 4th grade class at Ayaprun Elitnaurvik.  It is a Yup’ik immersion school grades K-6 in Bethel, Alaska.  These students are learning both English and Yup’ik.  This sign supports Nacuk Pete Kaiser in his Iditarod race.  Go Pete!

Cingumaarput Nacuk!
Good Luck Pete (Nacuk is Pete’s Yup’ik Eskimo Name)

Listen to it in Yup’ik!
(Thank you Virginia Lincoln- Our Expert Translator!)

Through Ophir

Pete and the Team are through Ophir and moving north towards Cripple. Listening to his interview from KNOM he thinks he will probably have to split the trip into two runs. Apparently the trail is soft and has dog chest high snow in places. If that is the case, his position is probably perfect because the leaders will be breaking the trail. Time will tell though. This section of the trail can easily be the toughest. Mike Williams Jr. will share in his interview (coming) that mentally it is pretty challenging as it just seems to go on and on and on.

Race Day is Here and We are Raring to GO!

Well its finally here! The Start of Iditarod 2012. For Team Kaiser it is the Iditarod III – or Pete’s third quest to lead the teams into Nome. Listening to his interview gives us insight as to how wise Pete really can be. This year the goal is for a top 5 finish. Each year has been productive and this year the team looks as good as ever. They have close to 3000 miles in training and races with a victory in the Bogus Creek 150 in January and just recently a win in the Paul Johnson Memorial 450. There have been a few challenging times since last Iditarod, but with the win last year in the Kobuk 440, the Team has proven pretty successful.

Anything can happen in a race, though, and the real goal of any Iditarod Musher is to finish the race with a healthy, happy team.

So Good Luck Pete and Team Kaiser! We will be with you each step of the way!

The Story Arrives… An Expensive Poptart!

Just off the radio from KYUK- Will Peterson gives us the story. Pete is in good spirits and has had time to run the emotional gambit. Just proud of how this Musher makes his way through his career. It is inspiring to watch!

As I was listening to the report it brought to mind the year I was running the officials on the trail. That year we went up to Aniak and back and there wasn’t much sleep to go around. We were leap frogging in front of the mushers as they came down the river. We got to Akiak in front of Myron, who was really moving down the river pretty fast. It was a record pace. In any case, we finally got into Kwethluk awaiting him. We had the Kwethluk Checker with us in the truck. After what seemed like a very short time, rolled down the window and asked a group of guys if they had seen the musher yet. “Yeah,” they said. “He passed by about 10 minutes ago” We had dozed off and not even knew it!!

Bottom line is that sleep deprivation is a wild thing and you never know what is going to happen!!

Apparently, as you will hear, Pete was digging in his sled bag and completely missed the turnoff marker. Listen to the story. (Almost can hear Will get choked up telling it- What a great reporter!) The report is that the team actually looked great coming into the Kalskag Checkpoint.

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