9am KYUK Update – Pete’s Tuluksak Interview

KYUK’s Mark Aerhart is tired… I’ve done it and reporting can be as tough as mushing the race itself.
In the following clip he makes a reference to Pete’s longest run from Bethel to Aniak. That was actually the run from Kalskag through Aniak back to Kalskag and into Tuluksak- 15 hours – Awesome Team!! Pete sounds really upbeat and positive about the race.
He also makes a reference to Richie Diehl getting homecooked food in Aniak. Richie spoke with Will Peterson in Kalskag last night and he said he WISHED he had stayed in Aniak. He had a couple of minor injuries in the team and said he probably should have stayed in Aniak before heading on.
In other news- It’s raining lightly in Bethel. This will slow the trail a bit if it continues, lets hope for a bit cooler day.
GPS tracker shows Rohn Buser dropping to 5th place. With such tightly packed group, just a short stop to change a dog untangle a harness will can cost you dearly.
Jeff King was through Akiachak at about 9 this morning. Lewis Pavila was through at 8:45am yesterday. They are about on the identical pace which would put Jeff King into the K300 Finish about 10:30am this morning.
Stay Tuned!
Listen to the report:
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8am Update – Warm Temperatures and a Fast Trail

Pete and the Team are in a 4 team race for 2nd place. Kaiser race fans will remember this same shootout last year on the Iditarod trail to Unalakleet. In that race there were 3 teams battling it out and today we have 4. That experience though will pay out as I am sure Pete will be a little less nervous and just run his race.
Team Kaiser appears to holding a solid 4th place- I found not to look to closely at the tracker, but to watch the recording feature that puts it all in a little movie. When you watch it this way you can see how the mushers are really stacking up.
King’s GPS shows him through Akiak on his way to an unbelievable 9th Victory. The Grandparents of these dogs ran this race to Championships!
KYUK is predicting a 11-Noon finish for King, but I would put it closer to 10-10:30. Once his team checks into Akiachak, we can compare Lewis Pavila’s time from yesterday and come up with a better guess.
Listen to the 8am Report:
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Pete Makes his Move

Jeff may be the King of the Kusko, but there are several mushers that aren’t going to just let it happen without a fight. King stopped for 18 minutes in Kalskag and is about an hour in front of the next group. The group right behind him didn’t waste much time either. Rohn Buser, Paul Gepbhardt, Joar Ulsom, and Tony Browning all stopped just long enough though, for Pete and the Team to show up and add their name to the group. In the 10pm KYUK report Peterson said that Pete’s team looked good and mentioned that it looked better than Rohn’s team. He predicted that the race was for second place and that Gepbhardt and Kaiser would be making a play along those lines. The others though, not to be outdone also left in a hurry.
Presently there is a five way shooting match to see who will be the one to move into second place. The GPS seems to make it exciting, but realistically they teams aren’t moving in and out of different places as much as it is the delay in the GPS. As the group moves down the trail we should expect to see it play out as the teams stretch out a bit. This has been quite a long run– one of the longest and some teams are going to be a bit more tired than others.
Maybe… The amazing thing is the group of mushers after this front group. A string of 7 mushers all arrived into Kalskag within minutes of each other. It just shows the level of competition and quality of this year’s field of mushers. Fun to watch to be sure!
Listen here to the 10pm report.
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All Business for King as He Heads Down River

Just heard the KYUK top of the hour report. Jeff King was into Kalskag about a little after 8pm, stayed 18 minutes and was back on the trail. Rohn Buser, who went from chased to chaser, told Will Peterson that it would take 12 mph runs to catch him. Will gave the impression that Rohn wasn’t going to give that sort of effort. As he was on the air, Joar Ulson, Tony Browning, and Paul Gepbhardt all arrived into Kalskag at the same time. Will said they were “All business” as King had been as they made their way through the checkpoint. I would assume they would get water, snack the dogs, and head back out on the trail.
Pete and Josh Cadzow are right in front of Kalskag and will be arriving into the checkpoint soon.
Winds are picking up in Bethel, though the snow seems to have subsided. Winds now will be on the Dogs and Musher’s back on the trail to Tuluksak.
Listen to the 9pm KYUK report[esplayer url=”http://kaiserracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/9pmkyukupdate.mp3″ width=”400″ height=”25″]

2013 Kuskokwim 300 Start

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Listen to the Start (Edited for time- Only Pete Start and Introductory Comments)
[esplayer url=”http://kaiserracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/petestart.mp3″ width=”400″ height=”25″]

Listen to Myron Angstman K300 Comments after 34 years
[esplayer url=”http://kaiserracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/myron34start.mp3″ width=”400″ height=”25″]
As the sun set, it unbelievably got warmer. As over 20 professional teams lined up at the Start line, you could just feel the excitement in the air. There is no way to describe the Kuskokwim 300 but a shootout. Big names come to Bethel to see how they stack up against each other. This year marks the 34th iteration of the event and still they come– Buser times two, King, Kaiser, Baker. The starting order reads like the who’s who of professional mushing.

This year the K300 is also hosting a couple of teams from Siberia and some names that are sure to be in the top 10 in the coming years– Diehl, Williams, Cadzow. The names aren’t well known yet, but you watch– They will be in the news!


K300 Vet Check Complete!

Lead Veterinarian Tex Cody and his crew of fellow veterinarians and doctors showed up today at the Team Kaiser headquarters for the Pre-Race check up. All of the dogs looked great.

Listen here as Tex describes the exam-
[mejsaudio src=”http://kaiserracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/vetcheckaudio.mp3″ width=”400″ height=”35″]

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