NS450- Morning Update – Chuck Makes a Break for It

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Arriving in second place, 20 minutes behind Dee Dee Jonrowe, Chuck Schaeffer set out on the trail about 1:30 am, about an hour before other mushers. Tracker shows him currently leading halfway back to Unalakleet from Kaltag.Jonrowe left Kaltag about 2:20 followed by Aaron Burmeister and Team Kaiser around 2:30am.

Currently (7:00am) the Tracker shows the interval holding pretty steady as teams make their way through the hilly trail back to Unalakleet.

All trackers are back online and all mushers have returned to the trail. I would expect to see mushers into Unalakleet around noon today. The Schaeffer team is only 11 dogs, but at this point in the race we have seen several teams (Ramey Smyth) in the Iditarod do very well with a small team. Teams are still very close together with many miles ahead that will begin to filter out the story of this race.

All times shown here are from the Tracker, but it has been pretty accurate over the course of the races.

Stay tuned! Go Team Kaiser!

Unalakleet Mushing Weather:


2013 NS150- Into Kaltag – Updated – 4th into Kaltag

Mushers are into Kaltag. Tracker leaderboard shows Dee Dee Jonrowe arriving just about 9pm with about a 20 minute lead over Chuck Shaeffer who arrived in 2nd place. Pete and the Team as well as Aaron Burmeister and Gary Willowmitzer arrived about 40 minutes after the leader. We still don’t have word on Martin Buser whose Tracker is off, so places could be a bit off. Norton Sound 450 is showing Dee Dee as the Leader though.

At this point in the race we reset and imitate the Iditarod from here on into Nome. Teams will take a break here before heading back towards Unalakleet. Weather is still perfect for mushing.

Update- Official Times – Martin Buser is in the Mix as expected.

9:10pm  DeeDee  14 dogs
9:32pm  Chuck Schaeffer  11 dogs
9:39pm  Martin Buser  14 dogs
9:43pm  Peter Kaiser  14 dogs
9:45pm  Aaron Burmeister  14 dogs
9:50pm  Gerry Willomitzer  14 dogs
10:12pm  Elliott Anderson  14 dogs
10:21pm  Alex Otten  14 dogs

Go Team Kaiser!

2013 NS150 – Evening Update

Pete and the Team are moving nicely on their way to Kaltag. This race holds one of the toughest portions of the Iditarod and the teams do it twice before heading up the coast towards Nome. Weather conditions are perfect though and faster times are expected than last year.

Team Kaiser is now 18 miles from Kaltag. Tracker shows him in 4th place, but Martin Buser is out there without a tracker at this point. If you want to do something fun, hit the REPLAY button on the Tracker. It gives you a better picture on how the teams are progressing without the lag time from the satellite.

The race is on! Isn’t this Great!! Mushing Season is now in full swing. In a month we’ll be hard into the 2013 Iditarod.

Go Team Kaiser!

Ready for Racing in Unalakleet, Team Kaiser Pauses to Say Thanks!

Pete and the Team left the Home Yard this Morning, but in Rural Alaska, you never really leave home, as the extended Rural Alaska family is always there.
Janet KaiserFrom Janet this evening:
Ryan Air flew the team into Unalakleet today to compete in the second running of the Paul Johnson Memorial Race.  It’s the hometown of the Ryan family and is an always friendly community.
Pete’s getting to know it pretty well too as an Iditarod checkpoint and from racing last years Paul Johnson race. He’s staying with good friends of ours, Clarence and Linda (Ryan) Towarak.  Son Donald Towarek is working on the Paul Johnson trail crew again and is caring for his own dog team. Pete said he really liked hearing about Clarence’s dog mushing days and stories from running the Kuskokwim 300 and Iditarod in the 1980’s while Linda’s cooking and offer of trail food made him feel so welcome.
The Towarek’s hospitality last year made him ask us, “How do you know them?”  The answer is the state we live in is actually small and people in rural Alaska are pretty well connected after a couple generations of flying, National Guard, basketball and more.
Kaiser Racing family sends a big thank you to Ryan Air, Linda, Clarence and Donald, the Paul Johnson family and all the volunteers who are putting on this exciting race up the Norton Sound coast to the finish line in Nome. Good luck to all the mushers!

Lucky Number 7

From Norton Sound Facebook:

Musher Drawing completed: #1 Honorary: Paul Johnson, #2 Aaron Burmeister; #3 Chuck Schaeffer, #4 Elliot Anderson, #5 Alex Otton, #6 Martin Buser, #7 Peter Kaiser, #8 Dee Dee Jonrowe, #9 Gerry Willomitzer. Start time will be noon tomorrow with mushers leaving on 2 minute intervals.

Lucky Number 7!! Go Team Kaiser!

Norton Sound 450 – Miles and Miles on the Iditarod Trail


Pete and the Team arrived in Unalakleet this morning courtesy of our AWESOME sponsor Ryan Air. It was snowing here in Bethel, but they made it safe and sound. The Race begins tomorrow in Unalakleet. Team Kaiser won this race last year in the inaugural Paul Johnson Memorial race. Pete is at the musher’s meeting this evening and we will learn shortly his starting postion.

The race starts in Unalakleet, and uses the Iditarod trail for the whole of the race. They head back to Kaltag and then it is the same trail as the Iditarod and finishes in Nome.

Go Team Kaiser!

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