9am KYUK Update – Pete’s Tuluksak Interview

KYUK’s Mark Aerhart is tired… I’ve done it and reporting can be as tough as mushing the race itself.
In the following clip he makes a reference to Pete’s longest run from Bethel to Aniak. That was actually the run from Kalskag through Aniak back to Kalskag and into Tuluksak- 15 hours – Awesome Team!! Pete sounds really upbeat and positive about the race.
He also makes a reference to Richie Diehl getting homecooked food in Aniak. Richie spoke with Will Peterson in Kalskag last night and he said he WISHED he had stayed in Aniak. He had a couple of minor injuries in the team and said he probably should have stayed in Aniak before heading on.
In other news- It’s raining lightly in Bethel. This will slow the trail a bit if it continues, lets hope for a bit cooler day.
GPS tracker shows Rohn Buser dropping to 5th place. With such tightly packed group, just a short stop to change a dog untangle a harness will can cost you dearly.
Jeff King was through Akiachak at about 9 this morning. Lewis Pavila was through at 8:45am yesterday. They are about on the identical pace which would put Jeff King into the K300 Finish about 10:30am this morning.
Stay Tuned!
Listen to the report:
[esplayer url=”http://kaiserracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/9am.mp3″ width=”400″ height=”25″]